12 Dec 2008

Book Review: The Secret Life Of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

What the hell was this?

Who in their right mind read this and left a comment on Goodreads, talking about 'they couldn't put it down' I had the opposite problem I kept on putting it down. I only persevered because the movie is currently showing and this is the first book to movie book I read.

Slow paced is not even the word. Nothing exciting happened. I wasn't gripped. I was moved slightly. But that is it. Won't even go into the synopsis of the book so. I'll go see this tonight because I really am hoping by watching it I see the whole story in a new, deep and meaningful light.

Sue Monk Kidd is a boring and overly descriptive where it's not necessary writer. While she's there being overly descriptive she could have thrown in some real interesting scenes into the story. I was glad when 300+ pages later the book was over with. I cannot believe this sold over 5 million copies.

My favourite character though has to be May [Sophie Okenedo].

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