12 Dec 2008

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Just received my regular Friday text message informing me that my weekly salary has hit my bank account. Thank you.
Whenever I get it I always say thank you for I am blessed. Don't get me wrong I'll have a gripe like the Facebook one below, when there's a bout of PMS, or some jackasses on the train, but you won't hear me saying anymore "I hate my job" or "Life's not fair." Before I open my mouth I can choose to either go left [moan] or right [practise gratitude], even if the feelings toward my job are less favourable.

It feels better for me, and I personally believe it when I say "I'm grateful and thankful I have a job." It's the pay from this job, that got me to work this morning. No money, no travel card. There are thousands of people in London just itching to be paid today, so my blessings need to be counted I am not one of them. I'm able to have the choice between making a lunch and bringing it in or buying an overly priced one like I am now from Pret because I have a job. Where did the money from the Beyoncé tickets come from today? Or the flights paid in full for DC, Stockholm and Sweden? My seven year old cousin will get some money in a card tomorrow at her birthday party and treated to a Lobster lunch by myself and my sister at Big Easy on Sunday. I couldn't do all of that without being blessed. People think blessings worthwhile being grateful for are the big fancy car, the promotion or the nice house. The big things.

My blessings are counted from the clothes on my back, to the people in my life, the money in my bank account, to my health, the roof over my head and the bed I lay down in at night, thankful it's not a cold London pavement and at the flip of a switch I have the option of heating or no heating. I can choose 1 in 3 rooms [or 4 if you count the couch in the living room] to lay my head down on when I feel like it. Shoot I even thank God for the hair on my head. People are suffering from sickness, radiation and chemotherapy causing them to lose their hair. I bet from time to time they wish they could have a bad hair day. I'm even grateful that people actually take the time out to read my blog and leave comments or just pass by and read.

I earn in a day what some men earn in a year for their families to survive on in some countries. My five day working week will see them through for half a decade. What a thought. I'm sick of the regular moan I hear about the odd 30 minutes someone has to stay behind to get the work done which impacts the time spent in the evenings with the family. OK it sucks [left field thought]. You have a job for one, and a family to go home to at night who want to spend time with you as much as you do with them [right field thought]. If you don't want it I'm sure you'll focus so much attention and negative energy on it eventually it will all align and the job you so hated will just get worse. What you think, feel and focus on. You get. Whether positive or negative. Religious or agnostic you're not exempt.

There is too much to be thankful for. Too much from the smallest of things like receiving an e-mail from a friend to a pay rise/promotion.

Being grateful for yesterday, today and tomorrow has become as easy and effortless as breathing for me. I wish I'd been like this a long long time ago. Gratitude isn't reserved for the Christians to say thanks to God or the Muslims to Allah. If you have no higher power to be thankful to, then how about just being thankful for the sake of it. If you're breathing and woke up this morning that alone is reason number #1 and 2.

When was the last time you were thankful for anything?


  1. Sounds like you went to Church. This is the part when people go to the pulpit and praise their testimonies and praise the lawd!!!!

    I aint mad at chu like i tell my fav people "Get it gurl"

  2. I hear ya. The last time I stepped foot in a church was for a funeral. I have my own personal issues with church [but not with God] from the people preaching to the ones I've witnessed faking the holy spirit for attention. I'm too distracted. I know not all of them are like that. I learn and pray when I need/feel to and have my own 1on1 with the man upstairs. It works for me. Anyone that wants to judge me for that can, as attending a building every Sunday is no guarantee for a ticket to the after-party.

  3. AAAAAAMMMMMEEEEEENNNNNNN!!!!! I can't stress that enough! Amen to the blog post and the comment you left about church. Girl you better preach!!!!


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