8 Dec 2008

Can't Wait, Won't Wait

This is more addictive than buying shoes. I did say I was going to wait a couple of weeks, but the credit card bill came in this morning which has my January flight booked which will get paid in full tonight, sooooooo rather than wait, went ahead and booked the Lisbon flight for £136 over the Easter Weekend. I booked the hostel last week so that's it...not even 2009 yet and already have 3 vacations to look forward to within the first six months. I've even been on the phone with Mrs H planning our June 19th 30th birthday celebrations in Las Vegas. Her birthday is May 20th, mine is July 18th so June 19th is month and date slap bang in the middle of our birthdays. Plus it's the cheapest date in June to fly to Vegas.
Why I wasn't doing this sooner I don't know....oh yes I do, I spent the last 3 years visiting some fool in Houston. Shame on me being the bigger fool. Ah well you live and you learn. It's now time for living!!


  1. ooooh Vegas...ok ok!

  2. Vegas is always fun with big crowds and is a real party city. Its become very ostentatious though but with the credit crunch i envision a few of the high end restaurants and lounges will have closed down by January and pretty ladies can always get in all the hot spots anyway but remember "What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas" like they say.

  3. **laughs** Dude, Vegas is SUPPOSED TO BE ostentatious. That's what makes it Vegas!

    flamboyant, pretentious, splashy, chichi, dashing, elaborate, extravagant, flashy, flaunting, gaudy, grandiose, loud


    This will be my 3rd outing to Vegas, my first outing when I was 15 and second when I was 27. I'll have to e-mail you about the 2nd trip. Let's just say the pre-legal trip @ 15 was wayyyyy better.

    **off to do some research about how Vegas is holding up during the Credit Crunch**

    They need to discount the Bellagio though.

  4. I bet the pre 15 one was kinda similar to one of those Chevy Chase Family vacations lol. I have probably done Vegas over Ten times and i have the empty pocket and bags around my eyes to show for it but NO REGRETS.


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