5 Dec 2008

Live It Up In Lisbon

Here I go again, another spur of the moment holiday break in mind. My boss got the new 09 calendars in today and I had a nose to see which days the UK Bank Holidays fell on for next year. I made a vow to do as much long and short haul travelling as possible. Just rack up as many destinations as I can and experience new places whether for a few days or few weeks.

*January - Baltimore, MD, USA for the Presidential Inauguration
*February - Stockholm Sweden…just because
*June - Las Vegas for the 30th Birthday Celebrations
*August - Berlin, Germany to cheer on Jamaica and Team GB in the World Championships

It will not stop there after August there are still 4 months to go and air miles to rack up.

The Easter period looks best for a long weekend away, and being located right in the middle of the world where 8 hours in either direction can have you located in the USA or Asia we have a great benefit being situated where we are when it comes to holidaying. 10th April to 13th April look best, wherever I am working next year I won't have to worry about sacrificing precious holiday time or losing any money taking the odd day off, so thought about European destinations. I could do a quickie weekender in NYC but I've been three times already and it's time for first time destinations for a little while.

Monte Carlo, Seville, Nice, Rome, Naples, Valencia...
all came to mind. Then I remember reading about the top 10 European hostels and Lisbon came to mind as Lisbon Lounge Hostel was rated #1. Portugal should be warm that time of year plus it's a city in a country I've never ventured to. So I did the flight searches KNOWING it was going to be high at Easter and they are around £145. Not too bad as a 3 night stay will set me back under £50 in total.

The hostel is called Lisbon Lounge Hostel and they have a sister hostel that opened up in July 08 called Living Lounge Hostel [that's the one I want to stay at] and for £16 a night looks real decent. The ratings by people that have stayed there are 96% and that coupled with the boutique clean look to it is right up my street.

I did vow for a while to get out of the hotel stays especially if I want to travel a lot more [Plus Fashogi's comment influenced me too…cheers TJ] and this is a good way to meet new people and keep the costs down. So I will be laying a 10% deposit down of £4.86 on the hostel today at just and book my flight in about 2 weeks time.

Again…didn't call a soul to come. Not looking for anybody to tag along. Just book it and go…life is too short to wait on folks. Just do you!


  1. Carpe Diem!!!!

    Live your life. I must say that is an enviable itinerary. I will be doing my fair share of globetrotting as well either by hook or by crook so maybe we might cross paths or i might even crash your birthday shindig in Sin City since its one of my fav cities in the U.S.

    U go gurl you hostel traveler!!!!

  2. I am sooooo greedy. The list doesn't even seem full enough to me. I have to get Mexico on that list then cross the state border and compare the enchiladas and quesidilas to the Tex Mex, plus have that drink and catch up with you and present you with your lovely gift basket of everything Tyler Perry, Oprah and NKOTB. You're gonna love it ;)

  3. Oh and FYI the date we are looking to reach Vegas is June 19th. I will keep you posted once I know for sure.

  4. FYI

    You will be surprised once you set foot in Mexico that the food even gets better and is 10 times better than that tex mex crap we call mexican which is filled with cheese. Authentic mexican food is nowhere near that and is a lot healthier unlike the enchiladas and quesadillas we have in Texas so just remember that unless you go to one of the numerous U.S Chains in Mexico.

    Don't be trying to scare me with that gift basket cos i believe in regifting and karma


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