23 Dec 2008

Cheap Beauty Tip: Eyelashes

My eyelashes are uber curly. So much so, no matter how careful I am I'll always get mascara on my eyelids. [Some women actually leave the house looking like this] It's not cute, nor a substitute for eyeliner.

Tip #1. Coat both sides of your lashes for a more enhanced colour. Just using it from base to tip on one side usually isn't enough, paying attention to the ends of your lashes where you use the brush to curl the ends [think a curling tong motion] is best.

Tip #2. If you do happen to get any mascara on your eyelids, simply get a cotton bud [Q tip] wet both ends under the tap, squeeze out the excess water and use one side of the bud for each eyelid gently wiping away the excess mascara. A tissue is too bulky and can mess up your wet lashes.

Tip #3. Never be CHEAP and dilute your mascara toward the end of it's use. There are tiny little bacteria in tap water that can give you an eye infection. I learnt the hard way many many years ago from doing this. If it's drying out, buy a new one. I always buy 2 at time so I always have one on standby when I run out and get mine from either Walgreens or CVS when I'm in the US and buy a ton of them because at $6.99 compared to £9.99 it's worth it, plus they are lightweight enough to carry back. Ebay is another play to get your mascara from for Max Factor I have bought 2 for 1 for what it would have cost me in the shops. And always buy package sealed mascara. If you don't then grab the mascara from the back, not the front where it's probably been opened 101 times already.

Tip #4. Like Tip #3 NEVER share your mascara with ANYBODY I don't care if they have they share the same DNA as you. I don't share my make-up or tools from Vaseline to blusher blush with anybody. The most I can do is tell you the make and colour and you'll have to get your own. You'll not get a powder speck from me.

I personally never bother with waterproof mascara. What am I doing that's going to make my mascara run so frequently? If it's more of a tearful situation than a swimming one then it seem that therapy may be an option than your choice of mascara.

I never bother with eye make up remover either, the cream or oil based ones always get in my eyes. The eye area is the most delicate area on the face [prone to wrinkles] and excess rubbing with cotton wool and lotion is a no no for me in the eye area. I wash my face as normal and pay extra attention with my fingers, soap and water in removing my mascara when my face is wet. I have it down to a fine art now where no soap gets in my eyes and after two attempts at this removes it completely. 29 and no eye wrinkles.

I use Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara. Easy brush application, it's very rigid and stiff which makes a better application, and washes off easily. Compared to Maybelline it's excellent.

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