24 Dec 2008

Thoughts Of The Day

  • I am just mad for no reason today. One of those silent moods though. Everything is irritating me.
  • I don't even think I want to go out on Boxing Day now and just go out for New Years instead.
  • I have been soooooo lazy over the past week, lazy like I've never been before.
  • It's 9:45am I am leaving at 12 today. Whoever wants to get mad can get mad!
  • I think I'm pissed off cause I haven't eaten. If anybody knows me food and sleep are my best friends. If I don't get much of either, then I'm not a great person to be around.
  • Right I'm off for a Sausage and Egg Mcmuffin meal. I cannot spend the next 2 hours and 10 mins pissed off because my belly isn't full.
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    1. Feed that belly to prevent you going off on someone you know its krimas the season to be jolly. lol.


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