29 Dec 2008

I Don't Hervé You Anymore!

My goodness! And I had to say goodness to stop myself from blaspheming. Whilst on the BCBG site just getting the link for the below blog, they seem to be officially selling Hervé Léger dresses online where before they were very hard to come by unless you went to a high end department store or boutique.

I actually do remember a Hervé Léger dress being on my wishlist from the moment I first laid eyes on one in Vogue magazine around 10 years ago, and when you mentioned Hervé Léger people said "who?" I don't claim to be a know-it-all fashionista, although for myself personally I know what works and won't work. I've had enough fashion mishaps to learn how to get it right. I can reel off enough names of designers and major trends but my eyes aren't glued to the fashion magazines on every little trend as trends are one thing I cannot do very well. Hype for five minutes, Salvation Army junk the next. Like I've stated before I like my clothes to last and be able to recycle and wear a ton of different ways. My aim wasn't to have a buy it now Hervé Léger dress but a bigger item to save for and get in a few years time. Sometimes it's nice to want and save for things rather than just buy it all now. Plus I'm not that dumb to shell out a whole heap of money on a dress in one go with no 'put money aside' going on for it. These dresses aren't cheap and can go from $700 to $5,000.

Now... **shakes head** I don't think I'm so keen on one and haven't been for a while, they are common as muck and everybody from Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Rihanna are wearing them that the appeal of owning a Hervé creation is now lost **pouts**. I like a good 'copy the celeb' dress like the rest of em, I have a few but nothing on the scale of this. The Hervé Léger craze is to dresses as Christian Louboutin's are to shoes and I want a pair of Rolandos so badly, but my thing is as soon as it gets uber popular I don't want any association with it anymore. After Louboutins I looked at Gil Carvalho shoes for my next best thing, then the next bloody minute he's designing for high street store Faith and getting a massive write up as the next big thing. **double pout**

I know fashion is for all, but sometimes you want to be 'That Girl' in a 500 square mile radius that is the only one who has just one of that particular thing. You know it's happened before when you've passed somebody wearing something that looks great on you, but looks like hot shit on them, then you instantly fall out of love with it. Well that's how I feel about Hervé. If it's higher end I won't buy something unless I can appreciate it and you get the feeling that people don't care about quality with Louboutins and Léger it really is all about "because that celeb is wearing it I gotta have it". Remember the Chanel style Tweed craze? Who wants to rock a classic Chanel tweed now?? That craze just makes it all seem very outdated and they were a well respected fashion staple of the brand.

They are beautiful dresses and right up my alley, short n tight and freakin fabulous. I can't lie I am still tempted and maybe one day, just not now **thinks** or maybe never. You know it's over when your creation is widely copied. And I've seen many a copy of the infamous bandage Léger style. Hérve dresses will still be around though, and some folks need to stop acting so brand new like this designer has been on the block for all of two minutes. Iman's wedding dress way back in 1992 was a Léger creation...just so ya know! I'm actually surprised his dresses weren't blowing up like this a lot earlier.

I may opt for a little purple knitted dress which has the same style paneling, no where close to a Léger dress but...**Shrugs** it passes the material and cute factor checks with me. It's in the sale for £18. I mean why bother shelling out all that money for exclusivity when you'll end up blending in the knockoff crowd anyway.


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