29 Dec 2008

Jesus Take The Wheel

**Puts back of hand on forehead**

Yes I'm getting extra black and dramatic with it. [Think black folks at funerals who want to fling themselves on the coffin].
I'm feelin it! I'm feeling the sickness take over my body. **raises hands to the heavens**
Lord I went outside in the Alaskan style cold [really dramatic now can't you tell] to get some soup and everywhere is shut. I had to opt for a sushi lunch and got a miso soup just to tackle the germoids creepin in my system. I got that hot/cold thing going on, and all I can think about it my bed, and I'm not even tired. I got that run down pre-cold attack of something going on. And I'm sitting here in the office with a wool shawl draped over me. I can't even finish my food and I LOVE FOOD! And it's sushi too. I must be sick.

I'm still feeling FIERCE though!!
**cough cough**

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