29 Dec 2008

Thoughts Of The Day

  • I want to go out on New Years Eve but haven't even got anywhere in mind as of yet.
  • I really need to pull my finger out, I have just over two weeks before I go to the US and don't even feel anywhere near ready for this trip.
  • I now have 3 balls to attend in DC. 1 gown bought, 2 more to go, and 2 more tickets to purchase…I'll get on it after I post this blog.
  • Order my contact lenses.
  • Book the hostel for Sweden.
  • Pay the balance on my TEFL course.
  • Make a list LD!!! Make a list!!!
  • Whilst doing my hair over the weekend I watched cycles 9 and 10 of America's Next Top Model. Halfway through Cycle 11.
  • Tyra is gorgeous but slightly annoying…."I have 12 beautiful girls standing before me…but only 11 pictures in my hands…" **Puts fingers down throat** Her aims to look sad n sympathetic are terrible. I admire her business savvy though her creation syndicated globally in 120 countries. MAKE.THAT.MONEY Miss Tyra! And oh my goodness she has great boobs too, so does Halle!
  • I need to add Jay Manuel and Miss Jay Alexander to my 'I wish I had you as my gay best friends forever' list. I forgot how bloody fabulous they were.
  • Oooh weee that Nigel Barker is fine. I'd have no problem posing nude for that photographer. ARTISTICALLY OF COURSE! There's no element of hooch up in here!!
  • I could never be a model I don't photograph well at all.
  • Speaking of photographs, I need to get my portrait photograph done for my 30th next year.
  • Why do Mariah's eyebrows never look good? They haven't looked good since the Music Box album cover in 1993. Her eyebrows have never looked good post Tommy.
  • I really need to NOT be here next Xmas/New Years.
  • I feel VERY optimistic about the upcoming year. I really do.
  • I think W.L.T. is one of the sweetest men I've ever met. Damn the Atlantic Ocean!! It doesn't hurt that he has some beautiful eyes also and is smart and interesting as hell.
  • I've been fighting the brink of a cold. I can feel it in my chest. The slightest wheeze or sniffle and out comes my cold remedy like a hypochondriac armed n dangerous. "You're not going to take me out you bitch ass cold, I don't care what new Australian strain of flu we have going around. I will fight you to the death!".......Maybe not that far!
  • Can we forget about screening my favourite shows like 24 and Prison Break on TV and put them straight to DVD please?
  • God bless OV guide.
  • I'm really trying to get into The Wire. I really am. I hope by the end of the first season it's not just hype and everybody says it's good because everybody else is saying it.
  • It's official...BeyoncĂ© will make you late for work. If you do your make-up to 'Single Ladies [Put A Ring On It]…you will be late shockin and a jivin, posing and a twirlin in the mirror.
  • Timbaland is also guilty of the above.
  • My arm still hurts from my blood test.
  • I want to get my tattoo removed on my left arm and I will. The others can remain. I'm going to HEAVILY research TCA vs. Laser removal. So far TCA seems better.
  • No managers today!!!!
  • It's 13:24 and I've done NADA!!!
  • Ooops it's time fo' lunch!!
  • Did I say I feel FIERCE today??? What? A whole blog post dedicated to it?
  • In case you missed it. I.FEEL.FIERCE!!!
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