11 Dec 2008

Light Bulb Moment!!

I feel hung-over. [TJ that's down to you and those flippin blogs] I was up till 3am typing away my responses and before I knew it the time had just gone! Note to self: Don't read any blogs before bedtime or when you have something else planned to do, or go on Facebook and click a link that takes you directly to a blog.

Now that aside whilst watching the dire Quantum of Solace last night which was preceded by a dire The Day The Earth Stood Still I had one of those "I should do that" moments whilst messaging on Facebook in between movies at the cinema. It was in response to watching the OK Lakeview Terrace on Monday and thinking well if you're tired of a story being told in a certain way then maybe you should do it how you want it to be done.

I've been writing for as long as I can remember [4 years old] and always loved it [as you can tell from my blogging]. I've been told quite a few times I should write a book. I've made a few attempts many years ago and always stopped halfway through. Now 6 years later I feel I'm ready to start again although planning it a little differently this time. Last time I just dived right in with no map for direction. I'll give myself time to come up with a decent start to finish, chapter by chapter, plot, character breakdown and see if I can knock out the first chapter in a week or so and send it to a few friends and see what they think. I think I'll send myself a letter on futureme to ask myself in 6 months time am I still on it, working hard and find out just how far I got or did I give up and throw the idea in a pile on the floor never to touch it again?

And don't worry I will be making sure Chapter 1 is secured in a copy protected PDF and copyrighted before sending it out…even if it is to friends.

Wish me luck!


  1. Sorry to hear that.

    Dont hate on the blog, Hate on the time zone lol.

    BTW i did see your long response too. You dont hold back much do you? but i got nothing but luv for your responses even whether we agree or not on the same topic as long as you just dont get soft on me lol.
    I blogged about Quantum of Solace cos i wasnt feeling it. I want the old Bonds back i.e Moore and Connery.

    I only started blogging when i opened my myspace account in 06 and have been told the same but i havent explored it yet and dont know which of my semi auto bios i should bring to life but i can guarantee it will be fun.
    I must say you are very detailed in your writing and very technical which is a plus cos for me i just blog and never even proof it or verify thats why you might notice a few typos cos i am just non chalant like that lol.

  2. Nah **shakes head**I don't hold back. My mother gets it too just verbally, she thinks one way I think another. But it's all about debate. It's healthy. The way I see it is you can get along with differences of opinion. If you can't then the level of maturity wasn't there in the first place. On top of that you can always learn something or gain a new insight on something from that person and their opposing views. I have too much going on up here **taps forehead** to hold it all in.

    From London to Africa to Dallas, from the little of the 37 years you've told me so far it sounds very interesting and would make a good read.


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