5 Dec 2008

Thoughts Of The Day

  • I worked from 9am until 7:30pm with no lunch break yesterday [although I did eat] and wasn't even pissed off about it. With all the news recently about the job losses this week and a lot of them occurring in the same sector I work in, my blessings were counted as I had an office to leave last night and one to come to this morning.
  • Yesterday must have been truth day because I let a few people know what was on my mind and felt better for it.
  • Please do not waste my time in any capacity. My time is precious. Very precious, and taking a week to get back to me just ain't cutting it. Just how busy are you to say I can or cannot do such and such a date….NEXT!! I know what busy is and have time because I make time. TRUST ME on that one...Soooo just to be frank
  • ...if I can hold down a full-time job, keep in contact with people via Facebook, MySpace, E-mail, return private messages sent to me on 2 different websites, call my mother 5 times a day [yes 5 times a day!!!], speak to friends and family, pay my bills online, balance my bank account daily, cook, clean, shower [TWICE], read a few chapters of a book, do my hair, wash dishes, do laundry, take my black ass to the supermarket to buy my groceries, blog AND THEN SOME on a working week day, pretty much every day, bed at 2am up at 7am, I don't know what the fuck you're doing that's so busy that it's taken you 6 days to read a goddamn one line address on a flyer for an event to come back and tell me AFTER I have to mention it that it's too far and you won't be reaching after saying "it looks good, let's go." You weren't too busy to type the message back to me though were you? Stop with the fuckries and bullshit please! I know about B-U-S-Y! It's called your time is more precious than mine and it's OK to leave people waiting. No you don't get back to me next weekend you get back to me ASAP, like I would with other people. C-O-N-S-I-D-E-R-A-T-I-O-N!
  • I'm so happy George Takei made it to the final of I'm a Celebrity, he's so sweet and I didn't even realise he was Hiro Nakumura's father on Heroes.
  • Work is busting my butt these last few days…although not complaining. I'm paid for every minute I'm here.
  • The office is nice and warm, but a little too warm for my liking this morning to the point where my nostrils are on fire!!
  • I really appreciate the folks that stop by and read my blog.
  • I think I'm going to have a movie weekend at the cinema and see as many films as I can and also make that dance class I've missed for the last 2 weeks.
  • We have a meeting about 2009 this afternoon. Does that mean the contract is gonna roll a lil into January??? The boss has taken into account my D.C. trip in January the one I booked and didn't even consult him on because 31.12.08 is supposed to be my last day.
  • I got back in contact with my cousin after a 3 year absence. Felt really good to speak to her, she'll be 14 tomorrow.
  • Today marks the 22nd year I've lived in my house. [Nearly 9 years of that by myself.]
  • May have to do another Thought Of The Day blog later as there is a lot on my mind but I'm so busy have to get back to it.

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