3 Dec 2008


You have no clue when we like you.
You have no clue when we don't like you.

Men really are clueless!!


  1. Amen to that.
    We are from Mars and yall are from Pluto lol.

    A retort to that will be that Women never know which Man is good for them, they always seem to pick the wrong ones.

  2. You talking about the ones that always harp on about wanting a man but then always pick the no job having, constant baby making with every other woman but you, no good thug of a man over a good one that will give her the world and then some, show her love and respect and just be all round decent? And THEN have the nerve on top of that to complain "There are no good men out there."

    If so, then I totally agree with you. If not then break it down for me. Which women are you talking about.


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