3 Dec 2008

If You Don't Know Me. Don't Add Me!

Facebook and MySpace. Yes they get another mention in blogville today. I check my Facebook online and some random dude from Guyana wants to be my friend. He is friends with somebody I went to school with and must have woken up from his perch and decided to add me when he saw my name commenting on her status.

MySpace is fine now once the settings are tweaked but oh my goodness just random folks trying to befriend me were horrendous on a daily basis. WHAT.IS.THE.POINT of having 3,548 friends on any of these social networks and you only know 12 in real life. I added over a hundred from my forum I'm a regular on but have since deleted those as I don't really know them and I was getting no benefit from having them on my profile and keeping up with what was going on in their lives. And to be honest I really didn't care. So I had a MySpace spring clean one day and fixed up my profile and got rid of everyone I didn't know. I now have less than 30 friends on MySpace and a fair few consist of music artists I'm fans of or are interested in. I'm cool with having 28 on MySpace. On Facebook I have just over a hundred but they are legitimate people I have met in real life or know. That's my rule. There is only 1 person I can say on there I have never met but she's on both social networking site accounts of mine and that's an Internet buddy, we go way back from 98, we've spoken on the phone plenty of times she's sent me pictures of her and her hubby and kids so she can count as a worthy friend [and I promise myself next time I'm in New York we will meet up].
The others consist of family, close friends, old college and school friends, people I've met on my travels…you catch my drift.

So put it this way, if we've never spoken or shaken hands you will never grace being associated with me on a SNS. I'll never understand those that randomly hunt down women to add and even more so I'll never understand the fools that add these fools like they've been singled out as special women who may have a chance. Peep their page and you'll see woman after woman gracing it. You're nothing special just another [keyboard] 'hit and add' and on they go to the next woman to snag for www pleasures. It's like the online equivalent of one night stands and the number of friends and female profile pics equates to notches on bedposts for his boys to see like some online trophy.

Social networking sites are what you make of them. Keep your stuff private for only those you know and you're good. Keep it open and expect trash to come your way causing trouble or leaving messages of things that they want to do to you. I love both sites for different reasons. Getting back in touch with long lost school friends and seeing what everyone is up to and just having all of that in one place is brilliant. When you now wonder about the long lost friend from 13 years ago it's as simple as picking up your phone logging on and sending them a message via a downloaded Facebook application to say hello. And to think if I or anybody else wanted to organise a reunion it certainly wouldn't be that difficult, a few clicks and send a message to all.

I'm tired of the celebrity egos from some people who think their profile picture on the Internet gives them some kind of 23rd rate celeb status. Making announcements about coming off of Facebook because of comments **SIGH** is it really that serious? So 1 person is going to run you off for not keeping in contact with 200 people. Smelling yourself a bit aren't you?

*Switch your settings so nobody can leave a comment on your picture.
*If a friend tags you remove the tag, that will stop somebody else who is their friend commenting on your picture.
*If someone in your circle says something hateful, delete them as a friend.

I mean is it me or is that just not plain common sense than deleting your account? **Rolls eyes**

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