30 Dec 2008

"Mr Sandman, Bring Me A Dream..."

With three alarms set I still managed to wake up at 12:06 in the sumummabitch afternoon. My black ass was supposed to be at work at 9am. 3 hours and 6 minutes later I'm wrapped up in a duvet. I get an e-mail from by boss's boss, and she's alright, just wanted to know if I was coming in today. I just called my colleague as another staff member is off and my manager is off sick, so it's just Joe alone. They weren't vex or anything, and bearing in mind I was complaining about feeling unwell yesterday, my story of oversleeping from taking Night Nurse stuck [I didn't take a blasted thing]. I was simply just really over tired and not feeling well at all. It wasn't even a case of I half woke up to shut off an alarm or three. The radio remained on for a whole hour. Nothing. The Blackberry alarm goes off for 90 minutes. Nothing. The alarm on my other phone went off. Nothing. Three different sets of noise ringing in my ears and I'm comatose like a mutha. I didn't even go to bed late either, so I must have been feeling it. Everyone [all of 2 people] were cool about it though, it's a quiet period where half the office is off and I apologised profusely.

I made it in at 1:45pm…being late is no excuse not to shower or do your make-up. Just because I feel under the weather, doesn't mean I have to look like it.

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  1. You slept through 3 alarms. That's a superpower.


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