25 Dec 2008

Say What?: Part 8 - Black People We Need To Come Together & Stop This Madness

The names we are giving our children and pimpin out the babies too young too soon.

These are Lil Mo's kids. Remember her?? Missy's musical sidepiece. Great voice, totally unmarketable if you ask me, hence a stalled music career.

It's noon, I've just awoken and I don't know if I'm capable before I've finished my morning English Breakfast Tea to even comment on the dumb shit of a mother [yes I went there] that thinks it's totally acceptable to glue false lashes to a 3 and 6 years old childs eyes and plaster them in make up. Either she's insane or thinks her kids aren't cute enough to take a holiday snap without all that gunk on. Perhaps both. Those that see nothing wrong with it also need their head checked.

I don't care how much my little cousin begs and pleads she gets none of my lip gloss only a nice shimmering of Vaseline which I tell her looks better than mine and she remains chap free for the day. And that's how it should be until she's earning enough money to raid the MAC counter herself. When they can pay for it from working [legally] AND paying taxes, add 2 years, and THEN they are ready for this mess.

As for the names of these children Heaven Love’on Stone(born August 19, 2002), and God’Iss Love Stone (born February 24, 2005)...my only comment is this

"Let's hope she invested whatever money she made wisely and has a little something for these kids put aside. With names like these and all that crap on their faces I see Lil mo being a grandmother in 10 years time [perhaps sooner] or trouble with these girls getting interviews for jobs [not the jobs themselves just being called for the INTERVIEW] as from the name Heaven Love’on Stone and God’Iss Love Stone why read the rest [of the CV]??? Bottom of the pile the CV's will go due to employers being put off by these ghettoized names."

Give it time, Lil Mo will probably come out in a few days time giving an interview from the backlash of this photo telling people to mind their damn business. Then my retort to that would be don't publicly tart your babies up then post the pictures on the Internet.

I honestly don't expect much from a woman who got married in her parents basement and publicly admitted being proud of her 'ghetto wedding'. **Blank stare** Looks like the kids are headed with a one way ticket straight for Ghettoville themselves.


  1. That's disgusting! These little girls look like ......I don't even want to say the word. That is such a shame that this is okay with their family members, not just their mother. I can't beieve nobody stopped them before they walked out the house. These are not baby dolls, these are children! Lip gloss, I can understand, but make up, eyelashes, wayyy over board. Don't even get me started on the little girls and boys down here walking around with highlights in their hair or fake nails in elementary school and down know there ABC's.


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