25 Dec 2008

The Sales Are Calling Me.

Enough of this Merry Christmas hype and BS in E-mails, texts and Facebook status messages...I want to see links, e-mails and texts to 75% off.

Boy oh boy the credit crunch is good for some things I tell you. Aside from people losing their jobs which is horrible, the only things I'm basking in is cheaper air travel [PRAISE JESUS HALLELUJAH!!] and more discounts in the sales.

I DON'T read fashion mags as I don't buy into trend after trend after trend. I have pieces I've worn in 1998 that can be worn today in 2008 [isn't it always funny the compliments you get on older items of clothing like it's just brand new?] I don't have a need for help in the clothes and fashion department I pretty much have it down pat. The one thing I ask myself is, can I wear this in 10 years time and still make it look good? If the answer is yes I'm more prone to buying it. That's why I love lines like Karen Millen, it's in between high street and designer price wise and very well made. I have a dress I wore from Karen Millen when I was 19 and I still have it [and can still wear it 10 years on] OK that £799 sheepskin coat may be gone but I have my eye on another shearling coat for next year....Never mind LD.

That's why I bought a couple of Betsey Johnson patent leather bags rather than opt for the latest overly embossed Gucci or latest 'every girl has got to have one' new Prada. No one knows who my bag is by unless they ask, and on every occasion it's come out with me I've received compliments on it. Plus, I can carry that bag in 2015 and it wouldn't have dated or be 'out'. Simply a quality made red patent leather bag with gold accents.

Gone are the days it seems where people buy so in years to come they can pass clothes down as mementos. If you're my age [29] or older you may remember the days of wanting some of the never before seen 60's and 70's items your mother and grandmothers were wearing back in the day in the form of shoes, quality leather handbags and coats that aren't made like that anymore. My mum told me she bought her first leather handbag from Barratts. I was in shock!!! Barratts are still going strong although all of their bags in 2008 are PU, PVC or Polyurethane. Leather?? Which part??

I craved for my mothers rabbit fur coat and remember secretly trying on her shoes as a child but ended up growing taller than her and 2 shoe sizes bigger so can't enjoy the fashions of yesteryear today. My mum looked fly in the 60's and 70's so much so if I could fit into it, I'd wear some of those clothes today.

I remember raving with my friend some years ago before the Millennium and she was donning a pair of Sandy from Grease style leggings [way before leggings made an 07-08 comeback] that were her mothers in the late 70's. Never seen a material or sheen like it and she looked bloody fabulous in them too I might add. And that's how it should be.

If you're throwing a ton of clothes away instead of being able to garner interest from your friends/family for your hand-me-downs then something says what you bought in the first place wasn't all that to begin with. You know that you wouldn't throw out that Versace blazer because it's Versace it either goes on Ebay or a size 20 relative will snap up your size 10 blazer just to say 'they own' it. If they mean something of some value or are high end but you can no longer keep it for whatever reason then you want to make sure your hand-me-downs are going to a good home and not stuffed into a black sack and dumped in front of the Salvation Army. That's why I'm careful in what I buy and hope that it can last or in some instances be a good vintage seller one day on Ebay just by the name alone.

I have my eye on this halter top down from £120 to £34.95 but will wait a few days in case they do a post Xmas day further discount.

The infamous Sass & Bide leggings. Do you know how long I've been waiting for leggings like this to come out? TOO LONG, literally since I first watched Grease as a child. OK these are the only trend I'll admit to wanting in my wardrobe, but Olivia Newton-John started it in '78 so I get a pass OK. I just hope the inside leg measurement is at least 34 inches. Ahhh the perils of being tall and long legged. They are over £100, but in some instances you get what you pay for and I wouldn't mind shelling out for a pair like these [especially the black ones]. When the leggings trend dies I'll still be wearing mine and mixing it up Sandy circa 1978 style.

A simple 'out & about' lambswool [NOT THAT BLASTED ACRYLIC!!!] cardigan from Karen Millen. I'm not dying for it, but I am a sucker for quality material and well made knitwear, but will wait for another discount or two before deciding if I really really want it.

Gio Goi Satin hooded jacket. Very cute to go with my coloured sneaks. Patrizia Pepe leather look jeans.

McQ by Alexander McQueen. i just love this look as a whole. L.A.M.B tank top. I love a splash of colour on tanks n tees.

Reebok Freestyle New York, the best of the 'World Tour' bunch.
I have the Paris Freestyles [never yet worn and won't be in London either...too dirty, maybe a cleaner city like Dallas is better preferred] but want to add, Madrid, New Delhi and London to the wardrobe too. If you're going to do sneaks then why bother with plain old white? Live a little, be different. My staple sneaks are my 2005 silver Nike Shox, my sisters works out in the gym with her 05 Gold pair on. She's not playin!

Paris, New Delhi

Madrid, London

Right off to decide on what to wear today...leaning toward Sara Berman...What do you mean who??? Fashionista imbeciles!!!!

**why was that last sentence soooooo in the voice of Stewie from Family Guy in my head?**

Ended up opting for a black and silver lurex thread Sara Berman cashmere cardigan over a black tank top. Gestuz black leather skirt and black patent 5 inch Stuart Weitzman heels.

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  1. Everything is looking awesome..! That first black dress is my favorite.


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