1 Dec 2008

Thoughts Of The Day

  • I have only had 2.5 hours sleep, and don't feel too bad for it this morning.
  • I think my 'song of the week' that's going to get a heavy rotation on my Ipod is Run by Leona Lewis. **Swoons** I love a big power ballad.
  • I am still mash up after Saturday night. Feet, thighs and hips still hurting.
  • I actually made it in 2 minutes early this morning. I am determined to stick with not being one of those BPT women, although I turned up over 30 minutes late to the meet up on Saturday. Shame on me.
  • It's my little cousin's 15th [I think] birthday on the 6th and this will mark 3 years since I last spoke to or laid eyes on her. It's a shame bullshit between her mother [my aunt] and her sisters [my mother and other aunt] gets in the way of the cousins remaining in contact. Well I'm nearly 30 and am not standing for my aunt's BS. She'll be getting a call from me over the next few days, I'm not having my cousin grow up thinking we don't give a shit about her.
  • Kanye's album is shit. Where did he seriously think he was going with this? I've given my review [Kanye's album is shit] and will read up on other sites what other people think of it.
  • I've discovered a cure for insomnia, go to a meeting full of white folks talking a whole lotta shit about nothing. Man they love their jobs...sorry careers, sitting there taking notes and nodding every 5 seconds like programmed robots. Did we really need to sit in a cold room listening to one woman harp on about what her department does and put it in an 8 page PowerPoint presentation.
  • I am seriously craving Mexican food today. I am NOT going to be able to find anywhere remotely Mexican in the City where I work. I looked...NOTHING...I don't class Chiquito's as even remotely Mexican.
  • I thin my boss's boss should seriously consider getting her teeth whitened before she decides to get her 50 year old lips injected with collagen. Why is everybody on a tip to have features enhanced that black girls were made fun of for having? Now big lips and big booties are in? Give me a break.
  • I've said shit quite a bit in this blog already today.
  • I'm too tired to think anymore.


  1. I happen to be a nocturnal creature but 2.5 hours of sleep makes me wanna cringe.

    I hear you on the Mexican craving. I try not to eat some indigenous foods outside their localities because it just leaves a very bad taste. I only happen to eat Mexican or what we call Tex Mex in Texas or Cali or if one can prove that they have an at least population of 5% mexican immigrants.
    Hip hop died awhile back for me so you wont get any reviews from me. I am currently managing Robin Thicke and listening to Anthony Hamilton and get entertained on my commute to work by any crack that is being played on Urban radio but will never purchase.

    I was at a strip club in Miami a year ago and there was a particular stripper who volunteered to reveal all the dancers that nite with booty implants and i must say didnt look bad at all lol.

    I get a kick out of women with Botox and the permanent shiny and surprised look they have with wrinkled necks.

  2. I can't afford for my ISP to get locked off so now pay for my music and no longer use Limewire as the 6 main ISP's in the UK are now tightening on people who d/l illegally and will notify them in writing that they can get locked off for good, so I now use Legal Sounds and paid not much more than $1 for the Kanye album. Every song is $0.09 compare to the £0.79 on Itunes. I can deal with that. Had I paid the Itunes £7.99 then I'd be pissed. It's not even a grower just straight up bullshit. Whining about heartbreak on every damn song with limited beats and wack lyrics.

    I want Mexican run and cooked my Mexicans. There's a place in Streatham that looks very authentic, I'll have to check it out, but you know it probably won't compare to the Tex Mex I've had in Houston and Dallas. But you know London doesn't have a Mexican community, they know better not to come to this cold ass country. And yes you're right about not eating where the population is less than 5% because I've heard from a Texan that Cali and Texas are the best in the US for Mexican food. Cause that's where the Mexicans are at. Great now I'm hungry!!


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