1 Dec 2008

X Factor: Britney That's Not A Performance. This Is A Performance!

Go back home Britney!

Seriously, we on UK shores waited with baited breath for 7 days since it was announced she'd be performing on the X Factor. Well ummmmmm.....it was lacklustre to say the least. I've pretty much been a Britney semi-fan of the stuff you can break a sweat to, and the Blackout album is pretty decent.

Britney performing Womanizer on X Factor

She lip synced so what? That didn't bother me, the fact remains she was dancing like she just learned the routine backstage 5 minutes before coming out on stage. Britney used to dance hard and with some vigor, think 'Slave 4 U' and 'Overprotected'. If you didn't appreciate her as a mediocre singer [think of her like a white Janet if you will who is weak vocally], you could at least appreciate the fact that she's a good entertainer and would have no problem giving you your monies worth if you were to see her live. I said I'd prefer to watch a theatrical live concert of Britney's rather than Christina Aguilera's well I'll have to retract on that, because I've seen a few videos of Christina Aguilera's singing and dance routines and a show she does put on and doesn't just wail for two hours.

For three and a half minutes you'd think Britney would have made the effort to at least
(a) Dance like her life depended on it.
(b) Actually listened to what Dermott was saying rather than rant on about London.
(c) Look like she gave a damn that she was there.

Flipping heck, you have superstars like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion who have mentored the contestants and given them VALID advice. Fair enough Britney was in Germany promoting the single and album Circus and didn't have time to mentor the contestants who this week were singing her songs, but the advice of "good luck and keep doing it" was straight up bullshit. And what was up with all of the ass licking of Britney before during and after??

After 5 years of being out of the UK many of those probably filled with trips to rehab, marriages, pregnancies, head shaving, smoking, snorting and drinking, I think it's best Britney decides if she actually wants a long career, because with performances like that she's going to piss a lot of people off. I watched some a-hole on You Tube talking about the Britney performance was 'amazing' and 'she's back', yes maybe by British standards but do that in the USA and it would be deemed a huge flop and she'd be slaughtered for it.

And all those millions and her hair extensions look like that? You could see the real 3 inches of hair on the top like a Billy Ray Cyrus mullet gone wrong.

Now if you're going to sing live or lip sync then this is how it should be done if you have mediocre vocal ability but can dance your ass off. I don't wanna hear anyone tell me Brit's performance was amazing when Ciara and 40 year old Janet can still surpass her on the dance floor.

Ciara performing Get Up

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