23 Dec 2008

Thoughts Of The Day

  • I left at 6pm last night and was on the couch with The Wire on just after 8pm, fell asleep through it like I said and woke up at approx 3:26am. Stayed up watched a little Monday night football, the Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears [no bloody idea of the rules of the game]. Watched 2 episodes of Family Guy then went back to sleep and woke up when I should have been at work. E-mailed them from the Blackberry saying there was a problem with the trains. Showered, got dressed, did the hair and make-up and arrived 1.5 hours later.
  • Are people really still on that Facebook bullcrap? Not the site itself because I love it, but the 'announcing' to the world that they are going to delete 'friends' in their status message, and now telling folks not to re-add them and were they ever friends in the first place. Then why did your monkey arse hit the 'CONFIRM' button then? You want to add people then announce the validity of your association with them and then bore us with the details you maybe deleting folks. Just delete folks in silence man. [And I don't care if I'm one of the deleted ones either].
  • I bought the wrong MAC product yesterday. I got Studio Tech instead of Studio Fix. Right colour, NC45, but it seems buying make-up when a walking sleep deprived zombie is good for some things. I MUCH prefer the Studio Tech. It's creamier and very light, much better coverage, the Fix makes me look ashy compared to this. And I look bloody fabulous today too!!
  • This woman had the nerve and gaul to belittle her husband loud enough so we could all hear. You could tell she was doing it because she had an audience. Then after speaking with him slammed the phone down calling him a lazy bastard. If he is indeed a lazy bastard then that's none of our business. How are you going to call your man and ask him has he done the ironing? Has he done all of the things on the list? When are you going to do them? Why haven't you don't them? Ever thought he was off shagging someone else because you're too miserable to contend with and maybe that's why he hasn't done the chores. I applaud that man I really do, because if she's like this as a boss then what the hell is she like as a wife? She's not a looker so has to work harder at keeping her man interested, and treating him like a 5 year old is not the way to do it. I thought she was approaching her sixties, apparently I was very wrong and she's in her 4th decade. DAMN!!!! And she thinks collagen in the lips is going to improve her looks? Tweak the attitude luv!
  • Alexandra's song Hallelujah is constantly in my head.
  • If I get all my work done now instead of later I'll have the rest of the day to doss in the office. It's pretty quiet today. Plus I've caught up on sleep. A 5 minute task doesn't feel like it's taking an hour today.
  • Hmmmm I think a meatball marinara subway sammich is calling me for lunchtime today. I can smell it now!!!
  • 2009 is going to be a very busy year. Very busy.
  • I have not slept in my bed for going on 2 weeks now. I much prefer to sleep on the couch…always have.
  • That bastard coat from Karen Millen is not on their website or in the shop I went into yesterday. It's OK though I have a backup wish list coat a long sheepskin shearling coat in case the Karen Millen one disappeared before I was ready to get it. All in good time LondonDiva, all in good time.
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