29 Dec 2008

Bleeding Me Dry

This morning I had a blood test. I've harped on a few occasions about having a 'dead leg' since coming back from Thailand and Malaysia. I came back on November 2nd and close to two months on it's still bothering me. Sleeping on the right side makes it much worse, I'll just wake up with a real bad ache all up my leg if I sleep on that side, so I asked to be tested for Thrombosis as DVT was ruled out when I went to the walk in clinic last month. Thrombosis can be hereditary and my aunt has it, but it's only a problem when flying but needs to take blood thinning medication before she travels. I'm actually hoping that for the five things I was tested for something comes back positive because I cannot even comprehend the results being just OK but carrying on with this knowing something isn't right. I always get pains in this particular leg when flying and the pains were there when I travelled last so know for sure that was the cause of this all happening as I took 7 flights in under two weeks.

Years ago I purposefully stopped taking birth control [Microgynon 30] because both legs ached like a mutha when I was on it, and when I stopped my legs were fine. I remember reading in the local paper when I was taking it a girl died from taking the same Microgynon 30 that I was on. At the time between myself and my long-term boyfriend decided I'd rather be pregnant [if it happened] than end up dead so with her story plus the aches in my legs came off that with a quickness.

I'd rather there be a problem and knowing I can treat it, rather than dealing with this and them not having a clue as to why there's a problem. I'll know for sure as early as tomorrow or Wednesday…watch this space!!!

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