29 Dec 2008

You Better Work It Girl!

I cannot lie! Miss Naomi aka LondonDiva feels fierce today like my fellow South Londoner and namesake Ms Campbell. It's amazing what a lil at home pampering will do for a girl. I hooked my hair up and didn't finish that till 2am last night. [You know how we black women do]. Threaded my eyebrows Tyra Banks style, and I'm getting much better at it I must say, they are definitely on point, the best they've ever looked! And at 5am I'm only just applying the 2nd coat of dark red vampish nail lacquer courtesy of Sally Hansen post my 4am bubble bath.
Yes the hours are crazy that I'm up 'doing me' but anybody that knows me knows my sleep pattern in terrible, plus I didn't have to be up until 8:30am, it's another 3 day week due to New Years so the amount of sleep I need is pretty minimal. I've been sleeping like a true Vampire over the holiday period bed in the morning/afternoon and up in the evening. I think Sunday was the worst. Bed at 1 in the afternoon and up around 7pm. Hence the 5am to 8:30 nap/sleep this morning. Must have paid off, I got more looks this morning than I've received in the past month put together.

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