6 Jan 2009

Birthday Dinner #1 - Chino Latino

My friend gave me first choice for the restaurant this month. And I chose Chino Latino, which is located at the Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel at Embankment for January 31st. I've never been there before, but the reviews look great, and aside from Big Easy on King's Road [as I love Lobster] I never go a restaurant more than once. London has too much choice for restaurants that I always like to go somewhere new, nothing to do with some kind of snobbery with regard to dining. However one that I would go back to is Awana on Sloane Avenue, I loved it from the dark décor to the food. A mango juice is about a fiver though so steer clear of the soft drinks and just drink alcohol for your monies worth, unless you're driving.

"Chinos is a modern Pan Asian cuisine restaurant with a Latin cocktail bar. The menu ranges form sushi, dim sum, tempura, meat and seafood and includes mouth watering dishes such as jungle curry with lobster and scallop, seared beef with oriental mushroom; balsamic teriyaki, there is something to tempt everyone.

The place itself is uber trendy; the décor gunmetal grey, crimson and cream and fashionably under-lit perfecting the art of the sophisticated and cosmopolitan dining experience."

And of course I'll be coming back with a review on the 31st!!

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