6 Jan 2009

Birthday Gift #1 - Swarovski 'Donatella' Necklace

I just got back from Regent Street after getting myself my first of twelve birthday gifts for 09. You must think I'm joking! Oh I am deadly serious about making my 30th and 2009 my very own in any way possible.

So I hot foot it down to my favourite jewellery store Swarovski, and am not that impressed by the sale. I love their rings and the one I wanted wasn't in the store and the other one wasn't marked down. I hate buying full price. I always come away fulfilled after a good markdown.

Luckily I can shop like a speed skater, I hate to dilly dally [and mainly shop online to avoid the slow ass fools in the store, so I scanned the store with a quickness then did the once over just one more time. And there they were, two necklaces marked down to a ridiculous price. Totally over the top and gaudy but in a chic kind of way.

I opted for this one. Was £280 marked down to £70. Online it's only been marked down to £174

"Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday to me!
Happy Birthday LondonDivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Happy Birthday to me!"


  1. Happy Birthday to you too hon...and great, great BARGAIN!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Cute necklace.

    I try not to buy anything full price.

  3. WHATT??? I love Swarovski too. £280 to £70 is amazing, I'm going back. I had a little impulse trip just before the sale started but luckily that bracelet been reduced. I'd have returned it and bought it again hehe.


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