7 Jan 2009

Yuh Nah Easy!!

{JA speak for 'You're not playin'}

My friend makes me laugh like crazy. I called her this evening to discuss Vegas plans and asked her if she'd bought herself a birthday present for January yet? She said she ordered it yesterday.

"So what did you get?"

She replies ever so calmly "A 40 inch plasma TV!"

Only Mrs H!! I love it! I was like "damn that makes my necklace look kinda dry", but luckily we've never been the female friends to compete with one another, only congratulate. I love it when she looks fly and vice versa, and that's how it should be. You know if you're doing well, get that great paying job, can travel where and when you want, buy whatever there are some people who you feel are secretly hating, can't be happy for you or even utter a compliment in your direction in all the years you've known them? Well she's not like that and neither am I!! We don't attempt to outdo each other either.

I can't be mad at her, like she said "I've always wanted to watch TV on a screen big enough without my glasses!" I love my necklace and I'm loving her treating herself, from what she's been through she bloody deserves it. My TV is coming this year but not just yet.

I can't wait to see what she gets in February.


  1. And that's real friendship for you!!!
    I sometimes hold back any success stories to certain females because i always feel like they're hating on me...BUT I do have my 2 BFFs whom I know cheer me on and celebrate my glory!!

  2. OOOOOh and I'm planning to splurge on a 40'' flat screen too this year...and I love you idea of spoiling yourself all through out the year...love you some you!!!
    Thanx for gracing my pages, I'm a LondonDiva addict, love ur blog!!xoxo

  3. Thanks for the love ShonaVixen. I'm now a faithful follower of yours so shall be checking in daily.

    I was at PC World and Comet on the weekend and saw a 40" for just over £500, they do a buy now pay 12 months later but if you're not into getting things on credit then at least it's still affordable. I remember the days when plasmas were £9,000 and they only had a handful of models. I'm going to opt for an LCD though over a plasma. Oh and if you really want a great deal go to Richer Sounds www.richersounds.com/ as your first stop.

  4. Thanx hon...already jetting off to those websites...i really am not into credit though, and at over £500 thats affordable..yeah I remember those days..And I do love watching stuff in HD!!

  5. Over the holidays I saw a 50" Samsung full HD (not that HD ready nonsense) for £699, My eyes almost jumped out of the sockets. Of course I talked myself out of being impulsive and now I am kicking myself. Went back and its gone, the cheapest I can find it is for £899 :(

  6. I would have kicked myself too. But let me just say this, this recession if you're OK financially is the best time to do everything, buy a house, car, clothes, travel even 50" TV's. I'm sure another bargain like that will some around again. Right now they are clambering for consumers to just spend spend spend.


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