7 Jan 2009

Money Saver - Premium Rate Phone Numbers

I've known about and used this site for a few years Say No To 0870. My memory was jogged this morning when mentioned on the radio by Melvin on Kiss. Anything we call from banks to insurance companies has a premium rate telephone number.

Well use this website and:

a) You bypass "Press 1 for Bombay, 2 for Mumbai or 3 for somebody who has no bloody idea of how to assist you" and end up dialling straight through to Customer Services.
b) If you have free minutes on your landline or mobile it won't cost you a penny.

Don't worry if the premium number you have for a company doesn't begin with 0870, it's for any premium rate telephone number prefix within the UK.

Use this before you dial it will save you time and money. Don't forget to bookmark it.

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