8 Jan 2009

I Just Don't Get It - Idris Elba

I got an invite today to an inaugural black tie gala hosted by Idris Elba in DC next week, and I've been meaning to ask for a long time...

...What is the appeal with this man?

I hear a ton of women saying "Oh he could soooooo get it." To me he's just a regular looking Black man from London, and even more regular when he's speaking in his English accent. In all honesty I see these types everyday on the tube and train. If Idris was sitting on the train in front of me on his daily commute, I wouldn't give him a second look [not saying he'd even give me a first glance] but the fact that he's famous doesn't even add to it either.

A ton of women swoon over this man and I'm just not getting it, not even when he was wearing a wife beater in Tyler Perry's Daddy's Little Girls was I smitten.

ONE THING I am, and that is honest. If I see and actor on TV most women are inclined to say he's cute, just literally for the fact the brotha is on the TV. So I have to ask myself "If I saw this man on the street as a regular Joe would I find him attractive?" The answer has to be yes before I'll adopt a Hollywood/TV crush on a male actor. I don't just go along with the masses for the sake of it.

Denzel is another one. NO THAT BROTHA COULD NOT GET IT!! He's beyond average. I swear black women jump on the same bandwagon and are afraid to think outside the box sometimes. If Denzel wasn't an actor and looked like 'at a basketball game with his son' Denzel , they would not be talking about dropping panties and fineness trust me. [Plus I've seen a picture of his teeth pre-veneers]. Like your panties would have been dropping back in tha day for that! The only time Denzel look decent was in Training Day. That's the only props he'll get from me, and that effed up broken finger of his...why he didn't get that fixed I'll never know.

Touch who, with what hand? You must be crazy. Things like that freak me out.

Now Will Smith if he was a regular Joe and walked into a Starbucks I would look and look hard even with the ears I think they are so cute. The same with that fine ass white boy Paul Walker. Tyrese **shakes head** doesn't do it for me. Now Common...out would come the Blackberry and would be speed dialling Mrs H to tell her the fineness I just witnessed.

And yes I'd take skinny Will too!

Back to Idris, maybe he has some appeal to some women. The first few pictures I saw of him, brotha needed to lotion in between his finger crease and use some chap stick. He just looked straight up ashy as hell. And don't forget the peanut head. I can't get past that. Maybe some women can. But hey... that's just me. I can't.

And yes I picked the 'realest' picture I could of Idris find minus the airbrushing. I know plenty of non famous brothas who wouldn't even dare to step out of the house without a combed head or a shape up. from the barbers. He should feel shame.

And Andre 3000 **barfs** Don't even get me started on him. It's amazing the shit that man wears and not one gay rumour, but people want to 'go there' on the genius that is Prince and question his sexuality, who's had more women than Andre has hat hot dinners. Andre if you take a pressing comb to your hair dude, you too should be under the same scrutiny.

If I decide to go I'll let y'all know if he indeed has 'that appeal' in person. I'm one girl who is not easily impressed by fame, wealth or status. If you're unattractive, you're unattractive no amount of dollars in the bank is going to sway my judgement. So I'll keep it real and let you know...for real!


  1. Ouch gurl...lol... not my boo-boo Idris, me likey Idris, maybe coz I've dated guys who kinda look like Idris, peanut head n all..lol...yeah yeah..but really there's just something about him, and so if he were an London guy not affliated to Hollywood I would still swoon over him...
    I do however agree with about Andre 3000...hmmmm...I wonder who'll buy his clothing line

  2. I guess the bottom line will be different strokes for different folks..coz I cant get past Will's ears...naah....

  3. Andre might be weird but he doesnt wear ruffles on his shirt and doesnt wear 9inch heels thats why he doesnt get the gay rumours. Yeah they are both weird and have a unique sense of fashion but i think thats why he doesnt get that image besides Erykah Badu used to brag about the man lol. I dont know what Prince Roger Nelson is but he wears a lot of make up and is prettier than many women i know but has one of the deepest voices for a midget

  4. Idris Elba is not all that but Americans drool over the man because of his infamous role in the WIRE where he had the swagger of a hustla and the makings of a Wall street exec where he handled his biz we respect and also enrolled in Business school so he can launder his money right. Americans where not privy to that kind of swagger and he was polite and was like a thug with a conscience and that led to the infatuation. He did suck in This Christmas and Daddys little girls (Yeah i saw that mess) but compared to the lame talent out there i bet he will last a couple of decades here in the U.S. His mohawk that he rocked for 2 yrs was nasty and his attempt at rappying and deejaying also sucks but other than that he is cool.

    Shouts out to Stringer Bell from the WIRE.

  5. yes Stringer Bell is the man!!!They did show The Wire here on some channel FX at odd hours, so I just decided to get the boxsets!!Love Stringer!!!

  6. Is it a coincidence that all of the dark-skinned brothas got the thumbs down in this post (e.g., Idris, Andre 3000, Denzel & Tyrese)?

    If not, I feel that's too bad. :( I'm a Black woman and think Black men of all shades rock.

  7. I never mince my words. If I had a thing about dark brothas and finding them unattractive, I would have no problem in being honest about that admission. These men get a lot of hype amongst black women, that's why they are mentioned. Have I got to state my attraction to Dijmon Houson or Morris Chestnut to get a pass? Please Just, from Paul Walker to Dijmon I find men of all races fine. From Bill Maher to Idris Elba I find a lot of men unnatractive. When I get home to the UK I will be posting a spin off in relation to that comment, because this whole light/dark thing is beyond ridiculous in 2009 and as usual I have an opinion about it. As a black woman how can I be colour struck from having a light skinned mother to a dark chocolate complected cousin and everything in between who I love very much?

  8. Hi LondonDiva.

    Thanks for your reply. In making my comment, I was looking for clarification based on your selections in the post. All of the men stated as attractive in the post were either White or had a lighter complexion. On the other hand, those stated as unattractive were of darker complexions. So, that sparked my inquiry. However, I wasn't making an assumption. That's why I asked.

    Like you, I am a brown skinned woman born to a light skinned mother. Also, I have an array of skin shades represented in my family. I am glad to find that you are not color struck as neither am I. Nevertheless, unfortunately, there are still many people that I've encountered in our society who are.

    Even with the progress inherent in the election and inauguration of President Barack Obama, there's still so much healing to be done on so many levels in this world.
    Among that healing is dealing with internalized racist oppression (e.g. an often unconscious tendency towards to not loving the self/preference of a White standard in people of color). We as a multicultural society may be moving ahead in coming together, but the weight of our oppressive past remains with us.

    And, it's likely not as easy as simply cutting it loose as some might suggest. To put such issues(e.g. internalized racist oppression, etc.)to rest, we must first ourselves acknowledge that they still exist in muliple facets in societal interaction (e.g., media, government, schools, the workplace, neighborhoods, etc.) and not necessarily out of mere ignorance. We might then better address them where they have been ingrained in these areas individually and collectively.

    ...I grew up in the U.S. South, just finished a graduate course on race/ethnic relations and have a habit of writing a lot once I start which explains the long post! I hope you have a safe trip back to the UK and am looking forward to the spin-off that you said you'd do.

    p.s.(completely irrelevant to this post and will likely make absolutely no sense to folks besides LondonDiva): If you wonder how I came across your blog, I recognize you from 'the hair board'. I've been hanging out there as an unpaid guest since March 2007 (about BSL/BSB now-yea!). I just never paid my 5 bucks, well 6.50 now, because as you can see I write a lot. I applaud you for updating this blog so much with balancing it with work and international travel. But, as for me, I know if I officially joined over there, I would either be writing/posting there when I should be doing coursework or start to do that then stop and be one of those folks that randomly drop off).


  9. Idris is my friend's cousin (FIRST cousin, not that "met him once when we were 8 yrs old and our parents used to be friends so that makes us cousins" bullshit)

    I can see why women fawn over him, although he doesn't do it for me personally.

    Whatever though innit. Everybody has different tastes and for every woman who likes Idris, Denzel, T.I or whoever - there'll be another 10 who don't.

    it ain't that serious.

  10. Idris is amazing! Lets not be too superficial and assess the man fairly. He's tall, nice and thick, dark like chocolate and there is that "I-will-lick-you-up-and-down-and-leave-your-body-screaming-in-explicit-carnal-pleasure" look in his eye... I would do him if I so much as smelt him close by! Mmm... the things I would do and let him do to me: its criminal! Im obsessed...

  11. Idris is just... Mmm.... Come on people lets not be overly superficial! The height, the dark skin, the muscles, the sublteness of the man; he is cool, calm and collected you know!? He's isn't all up in your face "Im the sh*t" type of guy... Plus he has that "I-want-to-lick-you-up-and-down-and-have-you-oozing-carnal-pleasure" look in his eye or as my friends like to put it: the "Im going to bang you and Im going to do it good" look... The fact that millions of woman die over this man is evidence enough that he has something desirable; we cant all be hallucinating! Im obsessed...

    Idris is a decent black man; don't hate, CONGRATULATE!

  12. I don't care if Idris was the male equivalent of Mother Teresa. And the fact that he's black mean's I should be head over heels for him?

    I do NOT think so.

    Fact remains it's called preference, not hating. I wish people would cease and desist with this bullshit term.

    I simply don't find Idris attractive and never will.

    What is so hard to believe about that?

  13. i have to say like you all the money in the world wouldn't make me want date some men in hollywood but for idris elba he's not really my type but i love the accent which gives him a little something and denzel, i find denzel handsome for some reason, even if he was just an average brotha on the street i think he could charm me off my feet, i'd probably date him, will on the other hand is sexy as hell famous or not, i'd definitely date him, i just think he's so cute and he has the greatest personality that just makes you fall in love with him and then he's intelligent and talented oh will is definitely a winner, andre 3000 not for me, i don't find him attractive at all, wouldn't date him, he's just not my type and i don't see whats so appealing about his style either but i love his music and paul walker on the other hand, woo, thats one sexy as white boy, i'd certainly date him famous or not, i don't discriminate, lol

  14. Sounds like you are into lightskinned and White men.

    Get help.

  15. You know why I chose to publish your comment? To highlight the fact you know Sweet Fuck All about me. That coupled with the fact that you're ignorant. What's wrong with dating outside of your race? Why does someone who does need help? You're just a hateful individual.

    Your 'sounds like...' is equal to an assumption and you know what they say about people who assume.

    I'm so sick of Idris Elba stans having a stick up their arse because I don't find him attractive.


    Here's your info.
    * I find men of ALL races attractive.
    * I've never dated outside of my race, simply out of preference for Black men.
    * My other half is the same bloody complexion as Idris Elba.

    Go fuck yourself.

    Tired of these anonymous muthafuckas acting like they know you because they are privvy to reading your tweets and have access to a blog.

  16. I know this is an old post but I had to comment on it.

    I am a black American woman who finds Idris Elba and Denzel Washington attractive. I don't think that Will Smith is ugly, but I think that he doesn't have a 'sexy' bone in his body--he just doesn't do it for me. I don't find Tyrese attractive either. Paul Walker and Common = HOT. Andre 3000 = HOT MESS.

    I have to say that I had a negative reaction to your post because of your tone. Women who find Idris Elba and Denzel Washington attractive are afraid to think out of the box and are just going with the masses?

    That's a bit simplistic and insulting to anyone who has a different opinion to yours. Although I don't agree with the comment about your only liking light-skinned and white men (nothing in your post suggests that), I think that your comments about other people's taste in men are equally offensive.

    You insulted the intelligence and spirit of every women who finds either of those men attractive. That's not 'keeping it real' that's called being a jerk. You don't like the Idris Elba fans having a stick up their asses because you don't find him attractive? Then take the stick out of yours because someone else does. If you'd written a post which explained all the reasons that you don't find Elba attractive (ashy, needs a shape up) and questioned why women found him attractive (without labeling every women who finds him attractive a blind sheep) you may not have gotten the nutty reactions.

    Ya get what ya give...

  17. @Patricia I really don't give two, three or even four shits about 'nutty responses.' This is my blog and I moderate the comments. I can choose to turn the filters on and moderate them, and if I choose not to, I can choose to delete them. Anything posted on here whether in agreement to my views and opinion or against them have been posted and remain on here with my consent. I don't need constant ass kissers to appease me and my opinion. If that were the case I would have hit the delete button on your comment. I don't really care either as to how you think my blog post came across as insulting to those women who find Idris attractive. You found it offensive. Newsflash: Occassionally I am offensive.

    As for your needing validation on the type of Black men I find attractive via Hollywood actors merely because I mentioned a few that didn't pass the brown paper bag test (FOR YOU), the men in my personal life both past and present go from the light to the dark. So you really need to sit the fuck down with that bullshit because of my mentiontiong Will Smith or Michael Ealy. Women like you are a trip. Ready to call an individual out on their preferences via name dropping but have absolutely no idea who or what they are doing in their personal lives.

    You said I've commented and said I ONLY like light skinned and white men????? Let me refrain from calling you out of your name Patricia because seriously that is some straight up bullshit fuckery. Seeing as you are such a know it all I BEG you to round up every single man I've ever dated or ever been in a relationship with. The reality just may kill you dead. I have got to laugh at you cause must be on some serious strain of some illegal Class A substance. People sitting in their houses watching a movie finding an actor or an actress attractive compared to the men or women they are with are 99.9% of the time NOTHING like the people that they date, fuck or marry.

    Like I've told many people before, don't get too comfortable or even think that you know the content of my character, and all aspects of my personal life just because I have a blog. Contrary to what you may believe, I have no problem in people disagreeing with me, as long as they have no problem with me on the odd occassion not being able to find or give a fuck what they think or say regarding me and my opinion. Which does happen occassionally. Or even me telling them to go fuck themselves.

    I can dish it and I sure as hell can take it.

    No need for your concern about the content or 'nutty comments' on my blog. I see em all. I read em all. I chose to either publish or delete.

    If your name pops up on my BB again. I'm not even reading that shit. Straight delete. So if you want to waste your time go ahead. I've given you too much time & attention already.

  18. I am a white woman who is attracted to black men only.....AND IF I WERE LESBAIN, which I am definitely not, it would be black women, just because I find the black race the most beautiful on the planet hands down. Each to their own preference for whatever reason, let's live and let live people....cuz that's the bottom line.... we are all just people!