7 Jan 2009

Showing Some Blog Love - Shona Vixen

This is a new little feature I thought I would add. There are many blogs I read and like a chain reaction can sometimes hop onto another blog and read a really good piece worth sharing.

Over the past few weeks Shona Vixen has shown some blog love on my site and last night thought it only be right to return the compliment. My first reading was this an Ode to Brothas which is simply excellent.

I'll never give props to a brotha JUST because he is black, but there are good ones out there who get overlooked for all the BS the wrong doers are participating in. The same goes for black women too. You won't be regarded as a queen by me just because you have a higher melanin content [aka black] you have to earn these titles and live as such.

So for the men that are worthy Shona Vixen wrote this for you.


  1. OMG....Gurl...thank you..Gosh..I'm speechless..its coz your blog is just so real, its just like I get through the day talking to one of my gurls!!
    Thank you so much for this hon...talk of being appreciated in 2009..yeah m so mooshy..i know..awww my lil heart has been so touched!!!

  2. And the 'Ode to the Brothas' came to me one day on the tube to work last year, I just felt like I needed to say something for the good brothas out there, and wierd thing was I'd just broken up wiv Mr Man, but this is what I was able to write about, nothing else..
    Viva to the Brothas!!

  3. Awwww you're very welcome. Trust me what you wrote was very deep!!

    I try and keep it real as I can. One thing I'm not and that is being about the bullshit. People many not like it but I'll definitely say what I feel. I feel people are too reserved these days and I'd rather disagree with and respect you for speaking your mind or deal with a very PC person with no opinion.

    Too much going on in here **taps head** that's why I gotta blog it out!!

    Keep writing like that and you'll get many more shout outs!!


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