30 Jan 2009

My Goodness...

I haven't blogged much this week at all. Must be a record. I've still got plenty to say people, don't worry about that at all. It's just when I spend a week away it's like I need 3 weeks to recover being back in this crappy city aka London, and the thought of me off again on Thursday for another holiday to Stockholm is a little like WOAH right now. I haven't even unpacked from DC and trying to get out of the sleep, sleep, sleep routine. I'm no longer jet lagged, although a little tired.
Tomorrow is the first of twelve birthday dinners @ Chino Latino and I'm going to try and have tonight, Saturday and Sunday as cinema days because I need to catch up and there is a lot of good stuff out there. No point in paying £11.99 for an unlimited cinema pass every month and I haven't used it in a few weeks.
Right I'm off to Lush to get some products...I've bloody forgotten what I need to get now!! Oh yeah Yummy Yummy Yummuy shower gel and...bloody hell another blank. I'm sure I'll remember on the way there.

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