6 Feb 2009

A New Day. A New Year

I'm actually feeling guilty for not blogging for a while. Why I don't know. I know folks read so I feel like a little bit like the British Transport System, being an inconvenience by not gracing you with my presence and saying hello. That was so effin egotistical of me to say. Gracing you with my presence. Who do I think I am indeed? I'm sure you guys aren't losing any sleep over me not being here. But still….I love to blog and I love that you read what I have to say from the trivial to the not so trivial.

So what's been going on with me….?
A lot [sort of]. Mainly mental in terms of thinking A LOT about the next 11 months ahead in 2009.

I am so determined to make this year happen and matter that I'm actually being extremely detailed in listing EVERY SINGLE aspect of my life from diet, health, travel plans money to career and business prospects and a lot of other stuff in between like hair and body care, home projects, minor things that I need to get done like get the wisdom teeth out, remove these tattoos and cut my gas bill out by getting some oil filled heaters, humidifiers and that soft water filter for the house. Things I've been putting off like clearing out the spare room, deciding on getting in a lodger to boost my bank balance a little which could actually go to the Audi TT fund [second hand of course]. Once I list a heading it gets a sub heading and another one and I go into extreme detail about what I need to do, how much it's going to cost and how I intend to get there for this year. Even organising the keeping in touch and communicating with people aspect is also being listed, as is the spiritual/religious side of my life by making sure I incorporate time each day somehow into getting it done.

Think of it like an idiots guide if you will on making all of your plans happen in 2009, just not for idiots. If you had buying a house on your list well you'd open up the book under whatever heading you listed it as and you'll be reminded of how you plan to get there [based on your own circumstances] and make it happen. Did I say book? I sure did. I'm writing this all up in detail specifically to my own personal needs and will publish it and refer to it when need be. On that note head to Lulu and you can publish your own literature for sale on Amazon to the masses or to publish a one off just for yourself. It is going to take me the whole month of February to put together, it really is, but I'm enjoying it as I'm taking the bull by the horns and not being a bullshitter and talking about things for talking sake. I wouldn't be going to all of this trouble if I wasn't serious.

This may seem crazy to have a book to remind you on when to find time to read a book, pray, call a friend and make sure you go out at least x times a month, preparing financially for the children I don't have so I can be a stay at home mother for x amount of years, writing my book [an actual novel], take up a new hobby or a course. But I'm telling you folks even the Blackberry cannot contend with all of the plans from big to small that I have in 2009. If I'm serious I need to act seriously and do this. And I am.

I saw a lot of Facebook status messages from around 26th December 2008 and a day or two after January 1st talking about 'this year is going to be great' '2009 is going to be my year.' I never subscribed to proclaiming to my Facebook world about 2009 was going to be my year as sometimes when you talk too much, nothing usually prevails. And I have a feeling that a lot of talk from some of those folks was just that, talk. Two weeks in and they are moaning about jobs, boyfriends and the like. Sometimes folks talk just to reassure themselves with no intention of doing a damn thing. See even in February I'm still focused on achieving A LOT this year. After returning to work on January 26th from DC the woman who was on the January diet was still munching on the full fat crisps and not even implemented an exercise routine to help her shed the pounds. All talk. Not even a brisk walk for lunch. I guess her NY's resolution is out of the window. And my reason exactly for not making a resolution. I always decide in the here and now to make a change and just go on right ahead. You're more inclined to keep going when you make a decision to change on any day other than Jan 1st.
So I'm calling it 'Making It Mine In 2009' **wink**


  1. You're so right in that some folks will do just that..TALK..and usually they make the most noise about it all!
    I like the book idea too!!!

  2. Sounds just like an exercise in the book I just finished reading. Goals by Brian Tracy, have you read it?

  3. No I haven't read it. But I have read 'Write It Down, make It Happen' by Henriette Anne Klauser. I wasn't event thinking about what I learnt from reading her book when I decided to go ahead and do this.

  4. I like the sound of this book, another one to add to my '09 reading list. And I love your idea about publishing your book, taking it to a whole new level of writing it down!


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