7 Jan 2009

I'm Sorry, I'm Going To Be Ignorant On Purpose

Seven days into the New Year and…

I've not read a newspaper.
I've not watched a news bulletin.
I've not read the news on the Internet.

I have however heard the news on the radio. I listen to talk radio [LBC 97.3 FM] much more than I watch TV, but as of tomorrow when my alarm goes off it's going to be set at Kiss 100 FM. Kiss FM's news bulletins are not on the hour exactly so that means that before waking up and thanking God I've lived to see another day, read a bible verse sent automated on my Blackberry and inspirational quote before I get out of bed, I'm not going to be bombarded with rape, murder, war, famine, and atrocity after atrocity in a 3 minute news segment on LBC. Then Nick Ferrari's breakfast show starts just after 7am and he deals with the big topics, politics, Gaza and Israel, baby killers etc and before my day has even started again more negativity pummelled into my psyche.

No, no, no, no, no

As I'm in the waiting room at the station this morning a ton of people are head down and concentrating on yesterday's news. You know what that is for the mind? A daily dose of Kebabs and McDonalds with a gallon of Coke on the side. I am more mindful of what I consume mentally over physically. I know there is famine, wars, murders, rapes happening all over the world and I really do not need to read a re-hash three times a day with the free morning Metro and two free papers in the evening. Most people read it and then what? Pretty much nothing. I'll choose not to read it and just be aware it's all happening and pray for as much peace as possible. OK so I'm unaware of political issues and the understanding of exactly what's happening in Gaza, I know it's happening but how it all started **shakes head** It doesn’t mean I don't care, but by reading about it doesn't equate to being some kind of humanitarian saint just because they are in the know. Are those that read the papers better than me somehow in my thought and feeling toward all of this bad news? There are people that read and don't give a fudge, and there are those that don't and do give a fudge.

I can honestly say my mood is better since not being privy to what's going on in the world. It's helped me to remain positive just by cutting down my news consumption to 1 or 2 three minute news segments over the course of a day, plus I can read more books where it used to be newspapers. My mind doesn't need to be fed that on a daily basis from every damn avenue. Living in London is depressing enough without bombarding my spirit with all of that negativity. I try to be as positive as possible and waking up to hearing that 5 days a week I can definitely do without. So as from tomorrow I'll be jamming to Ne-Yo or the Pussycat Dolls wiggling my toes under the covers at 7am rather than rolling over and groaning about some more dark, dank and depressing controversies.


  1. Education is Paramount, Ignorance is Bliss. What is going on in Gaza is one of the worst attrocities to human even and is happening thanks to Great Britain and the U.S. the media which is totally dominated by the Jewish has intentionally made it biased that we dont want to hear about it. Its funny how Schindlers list was made recommended viewing by American kids all over but when Spike Lee told black kids to skip class and watch history in the making he was labelled a confusionist. I live for news and because of the lies we are being fed it makes me read more. I dont really care much about the media news but i find news and read a lot despite my being hooked on the internet. Most people around me are very naive to whats going on in the world and i try to educate the few who are willing to know but most ppl i meet dont care.
    I know for one fact Obama will not be President if people didnt pay attention for once but if they paid attention all along Bush would never have won the election not once not to talk of twice. A lot of people will say that with all the news that you watch what are you doing about it? I respond that the first step is awareness. With Education a lot of crime , proverty and war can be eliminated and thats why the Powers that be intentionally want to keep us dumbed down so they can keep on doing what they are doing.

  2. US news is run pretty much under the same umbrella AOL Time Warner. Everybody may as well just call it a day from print to the Internet to the news as these bad boys run things and run things their own way. You may be getting the news but most times from a US perspective is it even the truth or any other outlet for that matter? The news doesn't equal inexplicable truth. I can tell you a story but switch it to how I want it to come across to you. 9/11 was proof of what was fed to us and how it was fed to us. Media can be just as dirty in my opinion.

    I'll stay ignorant and in bliss, right now it's working for me. Yes Gaza is an atrocity, as are our streets, your streets, poverty in the Caribbean, Haiti, Cuba, Africa and so on and so forth. I can be eductaed like a mutha on every damn thing from religion to politics. I'm TIRED of reading about children being abused and killed. TIRED of people killed in their homes by crazy family member drug addicts. TIRED of reading about girls of 14 in London dragged off the street and raped by a gang of 9 youths. And yes TIRED of seeing the same images of starving children in Africa and war torn countries. Again I'll remain in bliss for a moment if it means my mind isn't subjected to constant negativity in my life, reminding me on a daily hundreds of times over just how dark and wicked this world actually is. Why do I need to add to that? If I want my day to start and remain positive do you think that helps reading about all of that?

    Every damn minute on my way to and from work someone shaking a bucket for money to help a cause or a country. We are so programmed into thinking about everybody else worse off than us, by the time you've dontated, prayed, joined the groups on Facebook displaying your displeasure [which are an effin waste] you haven't even wiped your ass and it's time for bed.

    My point was and is THIS whether I know or I don't know it's still happening. OK so people are getting educated to some degree from being aware of what's going on in today's climate and...? Unless folks are donating their time to help dig a well or say a prayer or two for all of these sad victims everyday I don't wanna hear it.

    Politics is corrupt. I know that. Politicians are corrput I know that too. War is bloody and innocent people and children get killed. I'm aware of that too. I don't want the details for now. Of course I want it to stop, but by you reading it and me not how is that helping a situation when the only difference is you know the reasons why it's going on and I don't?


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