9 Jan 2009

Thoughts Of The Day

  • Why my black ass decides to start cleaning from the hours of 12am - 3am I have no idea.
  • Why did my bastard boss, just walk past my computer screen from the other direction that he NEVER usually walk past, just to spy on me.? Yeah I know I should be working but you still a bitch ass spy.
  • Speaking of the boss, I'm just convinced through and through he really is an idiot and extremely simple. Nice guy though, just no backbone.
  • Why does this woman keep asking me what day I go away on holiday? I told you already Wednesday TWICE OVER, now naff off and stop asking me. Just because you claim to have this and that and STILL go to dry ass Devon year after year stop living vicariously through me because I have a little sense to up and leave the country a few times a year. Talking like you rich, but vacationing like you're broke. I hear you bragging about this and that ON A DAILY!
  • I'm trying to stop cursing. Not really working is it? I will get there. Rome wasn't built in a day.
  • I tried on a dress I wore to a wedding in Houston 2 years ago that I'm going to wear to one of the Inaugural balls that was a little too tight back then. A 'wear once sell on eBay later' type dress because I knew I'd never fit into it again. Well lo and behold I tried it on last night and it zipped up with ease. Which means I've lost an inch or two on the waist and hips. For me this is disaster central. I'm not white, I like food and I appreciate curves. Oh well look at it this way all those heifers telling me all that weight would catch up with me when I'm 30. 6 months and counting...
  • I have my TEFL course for the whole weekend tomorrow, All the way in Zone bloody 6 at Kingston University. I better get plenty of sleep tonight as my mind has a tendency to wander and I fall asleep unless my mind is stimulated.
  • 161 days until Las Vegas 30th birthday celebrations!!! I have already started planning my provisional itinerary of things I want to do. NASCAR driving as well as a Valley of the Fire ATV adventure are some of them. And if his show is still on in June see Criss Angel's live show. With plenty of bars, clubs, restaurants, thrown in the mix as as well as a trip to the theme park at Circus Circus. 1st trip to Vegas I was too young at 15 but still had a good time, 2nd time November 2006 **shakes head** let me just say I'll pick my travel buddy a bit better next time. That was not a good trip. It wasn't even OK. That's NOT how you do Vegas. 3rd time, I WILL BE LUCKY.
  • This man always has a story to tell "Back in 1975..." Lord give me strength.
  • I've decided to pass on the Idris Elba hosted Inaugural event. I'm going to put that $200 toward paying for my Vegas trip. Brotha could at least list the start and finish time on the website. And out of all of them why is his the most expensive of all of the ones I've bee invited to? If the $300 ticket holders are getting a VIP reception what the hell are the $200 'General Admission' folks getting? And to charge $500 for a meet and greet with him, brotha man is seriously smelling himself. Let's see how many panty dropping women shell out on the $500 ticket with the hope of 'meeting' him.
  • DUH! I'm not going am I so I won't know with regard to the above. That's what happens when you go to bed after 3am on a work night.
  • I am NOT even bothering with those cakes and nibbles left out for the boss's birthday, too many nasty people hovering over the food. I've seen some of these women not even wash their hands after going to the toilet. NOT EVEN!!!
  • Why is this girl talking about her finger went white from the cold weather. You are white!
  • And the other one talking about her carpal tunnel in her left hand. Hypochondriac Central. She loves to talk about her ailments and go for all types of therapy and massages. No wonder she can't get better her damn energy is too focused on every little niggle.
  • "Nigel did you get a toner" "Donut? Oh toner! I thought you said donut. I have one right here." *BIG BELLY LAUGH* Sorry white folks are not funny. The only one that is remotely funny is Harry Hill.
  • Get the impression that these folks I work with annoy the hell out of me? They most certainly do.
  • How are you cold when you weigh about 15 stone? For once the temperature is fine. Last time was too hot that we couldn't breathe. I think she's going through the flippin menopause.
  • How is this girl to my right going to tek off her cheap ass shoe and tell us she got them for £6. I love a bargain like the next person but NO I would not be proclaiming in the office about a £6 shoe bargain from Matalan. Handbags and shoes are supposed to leather! Plastic shoe = mash up foot. The only footwear that gets a pass for £6 are slippers and flip flops.
  • My thoughts are more like moans today. I don't care.
  • Oh leave me alone you prize muppet [@ the boss].

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