12 Jan 2009

Update: I'm Qualified

I had my TEFL [Teach English as a Foreign Language] course this weekend at Kingston University. I think this was the longest weekend of my entire life.

I'm now qualified to:
  • Teach English as a Foreign Language overseas.
  • Tutor non English speaking students at home in the UK.
  • Teach English in Summer and Language schools in the UK.

To be honest I'm quite bloody proud of myself. I did something and actually saw it through, and should I decide to up and leave this country or work from home we'll I've added a few new options rather than just rely on Investment Banking to see me through.


  1. well done to you gurl!!!What a way to start the year hunh?!?

  2. Thanks Shona!! It sure is. I wanted it done before the end of 08, but there were no dates I could attend in December. I'm definitely glad I did it ASAP! No waiting around in 09. It's not about that!

  3. Congratulations now you can teach some bad ass kids outside the U.K and i bet it will be a lot better than teaching in the U.K or the U.S as a matter of fact where we have a whole new language that is not even remotely similar to English.

  4. Thanks!! I think the countries where I would be teaching would have very disciplined students to be honest. I can teach teens and adults too as it's not limited to elementary teaching. The only pre-requisite is that English is their second language. And if I decide to tutor from home the only bad ass in my house will be me!


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