19 Feb 2009

Birthday Dinner #2 - 140 Park Lane & Beauberry House

Yes bloggers. 2 dinners in one day.

The 21st is the date of our official birthday dinner #2 which Mrs H has picked for a 1pm luncheon at 140 Park Lane in Mayfair. And at 7:30pm me, my sister, mum and dad are celebrating our lovely daddy's 75th birthday [Can you believe his momma is STILL alive?] at Beauberry House. Of course mum and dad DO NOT pick up the tab when we take them out. Me and my sis will be footing the bill. That's how we do. You raised us, we look after and treat you as much as we can.

Beauberry House looks beautiful, it's set in a Mansion in West Dulwich. A strange cuisine combo of Japanese and French. I love both so it's all good. Both restaurants are 50% off offers on Toptable

"If Philippe Stark and Jay Gatsby had a lovechild, it would be Beauberry House restaurant in Dulwich. Set in a grand Georgian mansion surrounded by acres of lush green lawn, Beauberry House is a breath of fresh air for stressed-out Londoners. The elegant dining area Рaptly named the White Room Рis a zen haven filled with businessmen and chic media types. With oak flooring, white walls and stunning white chandelier, the chic interior is complimented by the excellent service and the friendly sommelier. The caramalised black cod with miso melts in your mouth, and the pan-fried scallops with cauliflower pur̩e and vanilla foam are superb. The presentation and atmosphere of Beauberry House is faultless, and the bar and private dining room offer bespoke party solutions."

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