17 Feb 2009

I Love...ME!

Too many times women are trying to find that perfect moment to say those three words to the perfect guy. How many women are trying to find that 'perfect' guy period? Yes perfect doesn't exist we know, but there is a level of perfection that will suffice when it comes to that imaginary checklist of qualities we desire in a man, and for some of us that's good enough.

I see women acting the fool, stressing over men and how they treat them and wanting so much better. Something tells me they are lacking somewhere to even be putting up with this bullshit in the first place.

How many of you can HONESTLY hand on heart say "I Love Me," feel it and believe it before you profess your hearts desire to whoever HE may be. If you love him more than life itself, something says to me that this dude will be able to walk all over you one day and he will be able to get away with it because you love him more than anything and don't love yourself enough to know you actually deserve better. When you love someone, you don't treat them badly.

A badly treated woman who loves herself doesn't put up with drama, cheating or ill treatment just to say she has a man. Oh don't get me wrong, loving yourself doesn't eliminate the fools that may come into your life, but it does have an effect on how long that fool remains in your life for.

I love being single, learning about myself and am very happy to grow and learn to love myself even more on a daily basis. How can I expect someone to love me one day if I can't love myself inside and out? I refuse to be with somebody unless I'm up there on the self love, self esteem and self respect level. [Just for the record I'm up there], but not desperate to be with somebody for relationship's sake just yet.

People are always saying you should love yourself more. The minute you do, you're labelled as conceited. Nothing wrong with that. Perhaps those that are raining on your parade and can't even fathom the love and respect you have for yourself, are secretly wishing that they could be more self loving like you instead of self loathing as they are.

Once you pick something you love about yourself it becomes a chain reaction, you start appreciating other facets of your physical and internal being. If you start talking about "I hate my nose" guess what…you'll start to look for other things to hate. Even if it's just one thing like whether that be your smile, or sense of humour, try digging deeper on a daily basis finding out more about you and what you love about yourself. Before you know it you'll be so in love with your self, you'll be getting down on one knee in front of the mirror wanting to marry you.


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  2. Amen to this!! I'm such a preacher about self-love, because sometimes you find people looking for some-one to love them, yet they haven't loved themselves!!Self-love is the most important thing, its not to be confused with being narcissitic or selfish BUT its about appreciating you...loving you some you!!


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