16 Feb 2009

I Love The USA But.....Cool Britannia

If I lived there I'd be making regular trips back to London for 2 things.




I'm sorry hate on me if you want but American women cannot dress for shit. I'm not even talking about celebrities who have the money for European designer garments and then some but hot damn get it together. No wonder I spend a majority of my money in Walgreens, CVS and Best Buy stocking up on my Sally Hansen, Cover Girl mascara and DVDs. Shopping there is a hard feat especially when you're used to living in a city where fashion is just another part of life, out there and just effin fabulous.

That's one thing I love about London and probably the only thing. People not afraid to be out there and over the top with the fashion. Good God you go to certain parts of the US looking 'London Regular' and people are stopping you every minute asking you about your clothes or shoes. It's just how we do it. STOP STARING!!!

London has definitely upped it's game over the years. Now a major force in fashion week we are recognised as a driving force. I'm tired of seeing pantyhose, bad shoes, and cheap ass jewelry. Plain tops from Old Navy and a bunch of women cooing over how cute it is or a flimsy cardigan. Nah that is NOT CUTE at all. Some cities in the US get it right. New Yorkers seems to on a similar tip to the London peeps on the daring scale, and I haven't yet ventured to LA to see just how they do it. But from what I've seen so far I've been disappointed. And WTF is up with all that polyester and nylon?

In this instance call me a snob I do not care. It's my blog and I'll rant if I want to. I've talked to enough of my Brit girlfriends to know that they too don't rate the fashion in America at all. I just asked a female co-worker and just on the two words American & Fashion she screwed up her face and shook her head. Unfortunately in the UK American women are not renowned nor respected for their dress sense. And I've seen American women compliment each other on 'cute' outfits that are just not seen on anyone under the age of 65 in the UK. Hell my house clothes have more flair than what I've seen.

It's not all bad, but most of it is, I have some American pieces and it's nothing to do with the designers moreso on how it's put together by the citizens. The Italians and the French can do no wrong in my eyes but it's hardly evolving like the London scene is. You know what you get with the Italians and the French. Pure chic, class and sophistication. The Japanese...well they are just doing the damn thing and always have when it comes to fashion, so I'm definitely not biased in my global opinion on couture and high-street, especially as I love the US over the UK by far.

Love the US hate the fashion, Hate the UK but love the fashion!

London Fashion Week is fast approaching. There are a few up and coming London Designers that deserve some serious props and over the coming days and weeks I'll be blogging about them. So watch this space!

American women, please don't feel bad. **Sympathetic head tilt** It's not all of you, some of you look fly as hell, it's just the majority and your department stores suck, the boutiques aren't half bad. But if this is any consolation...

Your hair is much flyer than the UK sistahs who at most times come out of their homes looking like hot shit.
You're so much cuter and prettier than us.
And you're so polite n friendly.

Don't worry I may have gotten about you on the clothes tip, but my UK sistahs are in for a thrashing over the birds nest, dry tore up head pieces I seem oh too often!

**But I'll know about non-fashion having ones that will come up in here cussing me out** If you look fly from head to toe, then this doesn't apply to you. So no need to get mad.

However **raises index finger in the air** if you find your blood boiling a little bit at my blog, then maybe it's not me **hand on heart** that you need to be mad at, but at the contents of your closet. So back away from the PC, find a European personal shopper and enjoy the new and improved you in all it's glory.


  1. This is a funny but true post. I live in the US and man our fashion sucks big time lol. I have a sister who lives in the UK and man, for a mother of 2, her fashion is on point lol. When she comes to visit sometimes I have to tell her we are only going to the grocery store lol. At first I couldn't understand it but I see its a European thing.

  2. ooohhh. hurt my heart will u. but i agree. so help us out..what sites should we be checkin' out?

  3. Its not really fair to compare the U.S to the U.K cos its way too big but i think one on one New York can compete with London when it comes to Fashion and a few other cities like L.A and even Miami and DC but the whole of the U.S.A really sucks if you put it that way besides i think it has something to do with the Sun that makes people more carefree when it comes to fashion and people in colder climates are more on point when it comes to fashion and trend and thats why Western Europe always sets the trend. We are more daring in the U.S.A though when it comes to color and like you said we take better care of our hair minus the weave ladies. The last time in was in London i was impressed with what the stores carried but not the people wearing the fashion cos they are beginning to resemble Americans a lot more in my opinion and i think its a fair trade.

  4. @ Dance of Lyfe, oooh you done put a Diva on the spot. LOL. No but seriously it all depends on many factors and confidence being one of them. I don't care what anybody says [and I'm not being biased] my sister can seriously dress and she does it well. Her regular is considered glamourous to others, but she has the confidence to rock pretty much and colour or style. Not everybody has that.

    It also boils down to also what your particular tastes are. I don't have one particular style I stick with and I think when people limit themselves in fashion to goth, boho, chic or casual it limits the fun factor in being able to experiment.

    I love my 5 inch heels but I also love my sneakers. There's a girly girl and a tomboy element all wrapped up in one. I love boho and I love gothic chic.

    What are you working with figure wise? Where are your troubled areas? Which areas do you like to show off? Do you love short skirts but don't have the confidence to rock one?

    One site I'd point you in the direction of is http://www.shopstyle.com

    Look at asos in the premium brands section, Karen Millen and Top Shop. One thing I loved to do was pick up a copy of Vogue or In Style. If you don't have the $5,000 for a jacket then hunt for a designer copy, a lot of British high street shops have upped their game and in some instances look better than the designer pieces. Ebay is great for vinatge pieces too or just to snag a brand new bargain cheaper than retail.

    Key staple pieces are important. from jeans to blazers, the little black dress and signature heels. Something so basic like a fitted blazer or tuxedo jacket, a white tight fitted tee, slim jeans and platform heels can look great yet simple and with the right handbag [leather only please *wink*] can take an outfit from bargain basement to killa.

    I've bought from Primark to Versace and in between. Me and a friend live by the mantra. "It's not WHAT you wear, but HOW you wear it." Too many times have I seen £1k items worn on celebs looking a hot mess and high street items looking like they came straight off the catwalk on others.

    Also don't limit yourself to certain stores all the time. Try boutiques as well and also sign up for sample sales, where you can snag last seasons designer wear at cost. I try not to buy IN trends and always ask myself "if I'm the same size in 10 years time could I wear this and it still be relevant?" That's why I love Karen Millen clothes. A little more expensive than high street but well made and doesn't date. You get what you pay for, but I always wait for the sales. And that's another thing. I never buy full price. I ALWAYS wait for the sale.

    Also check the materials on your clothes too. I like viscose in terms of quality, how it feels and washes and rarely needs ironing. Silks and satins and try and steer clear of the polyester especially if it's coming with a hefty price tag. I don't like cottons particulary and only buy t-shirts if it has a lycra/spandex blend. I'm fussy but hey I'm very slim up top and love my tees to cling to me.

    I could go on and on, but most importantly have fun and enjoy it. Cut out pics from magazines and create a look book that you can revisit and gather together pieces to recreate your favourite fashion ensembles.

    Good Luck

  5. @ Fash. It is fair to compare the US to the UK in my opinion. Size has nothing to do with it. If as a nation of folks they can't dress, well they can't dress. How can the UK on a piddly scale be killin it in the fashion and designer stakes and the US aren't? I'm sorry. Europe [London included] and Japan will always be up there in the fashion stakes. There isn't enough Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Nicole Miller, Ralph Lauren, Bebe and then some from US designer to high street for me to change my mind. Maybe it's cool for men, but I've been though enough photo albums on Facebook and had to bit my tongue at the atrocities I've seen. And I don't know about DC **shakes head and raises eyebrows** I wouldn't even list DC all up in there, wouldn't have even been a thought.

    The men have it together just a little, but oh my damn there are some US male traits that have me just shaking my head at like are you serious??? Now there must be a way for the brothas to wear their shirts and pants without the belt being so visible in the midriff area and draw even more attention to it by placing their cell phone on their hip. Just something as simple as a shirt and pants and UK men don't seem to wear the simple office ensemble in such a way.

    But shoot 2 US ladies commenting and actually agreeing about their own fashion and a bunch of my UK girls not impressed when they go to the US is saying something. I'm sure they could be biased if they wanted to, but fact remains if my own sister is not coming back buying another suitcase and raving about the fashions there then that's also testament to me I'm not missing anything in the US fashion stakes.


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