18 Feb 2009

You Can Kill 13 Women, But If You Stay On Your Meds, You Maybe Fit For Release!

Again, back up outta here if cussing is NOT your thing because I may be using a whole heap of expletives up in here this morning.

So the radio comes on at 6:30 am this morning with the news that Peter Sutcliffe aka The Yorkshire Ripper who murdered 13 women 25 years ago, is now deemed as low risk and maybe considered for release from Broadmoor prison.

What the fuck is this country on?

"Sutcliffe believed he was on a "mission from God" to kill prostitutes - although not all of his victims were - and was dubbed the Yorkshire Ripper because he mutilated their bodies using a hammer, a sharpened screw driver and a knife."

Is this a man you'd want walking around ON MEDICATION in your area? How the hell are you going to bring God into your argument as a cause for murder 13 times over?

"He is effectively cured as long as he never stops taking his medication," the source said.

Effectively cured?? There'd be none of this bullshit up for debate if he was committing his crimes in certain US states, because chances are he'd be dead by now. The American prison system does not play. I like their ridiculous prison sentences, 187 years imprisonment with the possibility for parole in 2080. That's how it should be. Life here is 25 years. It's standard that whatever you get sentenced in the UK halve it, because that's when they'll be out. Just yesterday a man was sentenced to about 18 months for killing a family of 6 including a 10 week old baby whilst he was driving USING A LAPTOP!! Oh but he won't be serving most of that. Why? Because he's been on remand.



Now I know capital punishment doesn't deter crime, but it kills the bastards that commit it. That's good enough for me. We need to stop paying for murdering scum as taxpayers to have these bastards clothed, fed and watered. It costs to kill them, but that cost is justified to me. Have you seen UK prisons lately? It's an effin youth club. Some of these US and South American jails have the right idea. Make them suffer. I've watched a few US prison documentaries and THEY DO NOT PLAY when it comes to some these prisoners.

I just asked my co-workers when was the last time they had heard of a high profile murder case in this country where a 30-40 years sentence was given.


They couldn't remember one since the Krays in the 60's. If there was one, they don't remember it. What is that telling you? We have a shit judicial system perhaps?

I do NOT mind my tax pounds going toward building more prisons. I really do not mind at all, only if the sentences dished out are going to be worthy of the crime committed. I cannot believe murder will warrant 15-20 years and rape is considered on the crime scale 1 - 2 levels below that in serious crimes yet carries on average a 5 year prison term. Dear God in heaven! Victims aren't even able to come to terms with what's happened before two and a half years passing and the possibility of the perpetrator walking the streets again.

"If the Ministry of Justice agrees with the doctors' verdict, he will be sent to a medium-secure unit where he could be allowed out on short release for rehabilitation. A source close to Mr Sutcliffe told The Sun he is regarded as a "model patient" at Broadmoor, and medics are more concerned about the risk the public poses to him rather than the risk he poses to the public."

More concerned about the public risk as opposed to his risk to the public? UK citizens are having to adopt a vigilante mentality in order to protect themselves and their families. Look up how many child sex offenders live in your area and tell me you wouldn't be irate and ready to kill if one of these vile bastards every touched your child because these judges and health officials are so up on this rehabilitation and human rights bullshit. You're damn right Sutcliffe is in danger from the public. There are some serious nutcases out there ready to take him out of need be, and quite rightly so. Take him O.U.T. I'll sleep a lot more soundly knowing women will be safe from him if he re-entered society even if for a short time. You make a decision to give a killer 20 life sentences then negate everything he did by telling us like we're a bunch of idiots that as long as he takes his meds, he'll be fine. When was the last time this fucker was around a bunch of women to know just how he'll be, whether on medication or not? Who is going to be the next victim? What about the victims' families? What about the women who were a lucky escape from this deranged evil man and weren't killed? No regard for those, only for this man. And it makes me SICK!

Oh and we're going to pay for his rehabilitation, his benefits, his medication, his housing, his relocation, his police protection and his new identity? Why don't we throw in 20 B&H and his Tesco groceries for the month while we're at it shall we?

Fry this fucker in a chair and let him meet Lucifer on hot coals!

I am tired of children, families and women being let down by this country and it's laws with the primary focus being on these criminals. I wonder if the families had to pay for their own counselling? Probably did knowing GREAT Britain.

"Sutcliffe is now represented by human rights lawyer Saimo Chahal. His legal team have fought hard recently to have him declared sane and given a release date."

Saimo Chahal better find a new home and identity too. This man should feel pure and utter shame representing one if the country's most notorious murderers. He'll probably expect a LOT of hate mail and death threats going forward.

I loved law at college, and would have loved to have been a criminal lawyer, but my conscious wouldn't have allow me to possibly represent criminals and for me to sleep easily at night not knowing 100% whether they did it or not.

You can read the story here.

If I critique every paragraph I'll be here till lunchtime writing this blog. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I'll say this, anyone that comes up in here defending this decision is a sick son of a bitch. I don't care what you think to that. AT ALL. I'd need to ask what meds you're on if you think this was right, OK and justified.

Remember the UK farmer who shot that bitch ass bastard teenager in his house whilst committing burglary. He was hung up to dry. Protecting himself and his property!

The chances are you're more likely to have a longer prison sentence for not paying your council tax or not paying your speeding fines than you are for sexually abusing children and murdering these days. They want to throw old aged pensioners in jail for not being able to pay their council tax and this man gets all the help in the world after taking 13 lives and attempting to take many others.


  1. Too funny (ticking the funny box doesn't cut it this time).

    Not even Carlsberg do rants like London Diva. Brap!

  2. alright take a deep breathe.. count one to ten.. whatever it is u do.. Calm down, girl!
    But too many valid points made in your post.. even the wife of the ipswich prostitute-killer got a deal to tell her story to a Sunday Tabloid.
    This dude will probably end up on celebrity big brother or the get me out of here one.

  3. Calm.down.girl?

    You're obviously very new around these blogging sides.


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