16 Feb 2009

If You Had 8 Weeks To Live...?

Jade Goody.

The UK's most famous reality TV star. She didn't even win series 3 of Big Brother. She came third. She's a loud mouth South London girl from Bermondsey and thick as a plank. She really is not intelligent at all. She never had a good start in life. Born to a mixed race father and a white mother, both were addicts. She was a 6 year old child playing mother to her own drug addicted and alcoholic mother, all the while suffering abuse at the hands of the woman she never abandoned. Her father was in and out of prison and was found dead from a heroin overdose in a KFC. Jade just got on with it. She's had a very rags to riches lifestyle. Jade has bagged millions on her reality TV success, she's opened [and then closed] her own beauty salon, went on to have 2 children with TV presenter Jeff Brazier, starred in many more reality TV shows, launched a perfume, a book, and was on the front cover on more magazines that you've had hot dinners. We’ve watched Jade 'sort of' grow up. Now at 27 years old we are watching her die before our very eyes.

She's been given about 8 weeks to live.

There are groups and websites happy that she is dying and saying she deserves it, especially after the Celebrity Big Brother Shilpa Shetty race row. DISGUSTING!! She has two sons aged 4 and 5 and has to explain to them that she's not going to be here in a few months time. Jade is and has admitted to milking it and getting as much money as she can to secure her sons future…and quite rightly so Jade. Any loving mother would do the same. She has money and three properties to leave to her children who are currently in private education. Something she herself never had growing up.

Call Jade what you want, she loves her kids and is doing what's best for them. If people can't get past the Shilpa Shetty fiasco, then **shrugs** whatever. She apologised which seemed genuine enough and her and Shilpa have made amends. What gets me is that no one was hard on Danielle Lloyd, she hasn't gone on to be vilified by the media. There were three women bullying Shilpa and Jade and Jo got the brunt of it. Anyway I digress. No way am I excusing her behaviour at all. I was indeed disgusted when watching Celebrity Big Brother a few years ago and very anti-Jade n'dem.

I met Jade a few years ago at Mariah Carey's concert. It was just after she had her first child and from what I remember she was absolutely delightful, very pretty, and had skin as smooth as a baby's bum bum. I asked about how her son was doing and told her I really loved her eviction outfit on Big Brother and we spoke for a little bit like old school acquaintances catching up. She was more than happy to pose for a picture with me as well, which I still have. A very personable young lady, she seemed very down to earth.

I read the News of the World story last night and can't lie I cried. In fact I'm even tearing up writing this. I know I'm gonna cry like a mutha when Jade passes. So young, and 2 little boys to live for.

She's like Marmite, you either love her or hate her. I loved Jade, but during that Shilpa drama I put that love on the back burner. Since she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer which has now spread to her liver, bowel and groin I guess that love for Jade is back.

Newborn Jade with her late father Andrew Goody

Some good has come out of this. Cervical smears are up 20% in the UK since this became public. It's a cancer that can be detected very early. A few years ago I had pre-cancerous cells on my cervix and as a result am tested more frequently. I'm not even 30 yet, but imagine if that had turned into something terminal like Jade. Ladies our health is no joke. Please make sure you get your smears done when that letter comes through the door and make that appointment.

Another good thing is Jade knows how long she has left. Yep, that's a good thing. She has time, as do her friends and family to prepare to say goodbye and express how much they mean to one another, and say everything they've always wanted to say. We all have a loved one I'm sure we wish we could tell them just how much we miss and love them. Think about it, we are all Jade at the moment, living but dying. We are all on a countdown, the only difference being we haven't been given a rough estimate as to when. She has 8 weeks and will be getting married to her boyfriend and preparing a will for her children.

This is a prime example people of why I'm always spouting on about living life and being grateful for what you have. Tomorrow is never promised. The last days either creep up on you slowing or take those we love in an instant.

Anyone that thinks she deserves this, well let me just tell you this God don't like ugly and karma is a bitch! Remember that!

I guess Jade has served a purpose….to a degree. To her personally she became a loving mother to two young sons. On the flip side all these years of having Jade in the spotlight has raised awareness of a cancer so serious to women. If THAT was her only purpose of being a reality TV star then she's been the best one we've ever had.

If you have 8 weeks to live what would you do? What would you say to those you love that you haven't already?

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