13 Feb 2009

She Had To Have It - ASOS

Still on my very black phase...I have enough colour in the wardrobe to last a lifetime.

I purchased 3 pieces on ASOS this lunchtime. No crowds, no fuss just kicked back in the chair and clicked.

ASOS Harem Pants & Wet Look Racer Back Top. ASOS Premium Cropped Sequin Bomber Jacket.


  1. Just like a typical brit. I remember the first and only time i saw you was in Black. When i moved to the states i first had a problem experimenting with color because coming from England it was all about black probably due to the gloomy weather.

    I still believe Black is my best color but i do have a very diverse wardrobe that makes my brother shake his head. I convinced him to try some colors but as soon as he got to England he never tried on those clothes.

  2. Black simply looks great on me. In my personal opinion. I guess being slim and tall I carry it well, better than any other colour [although technically black isn't a colour so "they" say]. I have more colour than black in my wardrobe.

    Plus black to me is just sexy!!


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