27 Feb 2009

The Act Of Giving - This Weeks Donation - Joyce Meyer Ministries

I didn't have much time to research it this week to donate to a Cancer charity, but low and behold, this morning I saw my friend on the train and she works for a non-profit organisation Breast Cancer charity. We've lived in the same area for years and never bumped into one another. In fact the last time I saw her we were in Dallas last May for my friend's wedding. Just a coincidence I see her on my weekly Friday payday and she just happens to be working for a non-profit Cancer charity? I don't think so!!

She told me the name of the charity she works for but have sent her a Facebook message asking for the link as that will be the donation for next week. In the meantime I've decided to donate to Joyce Meyer Ministries. You can either donate or buy something from her site. It all goes into the same pot. She has a Partnership program too for regular donations.

She is dedicated to making sure the money is spent wisely and has a 94 page PDF document put together telling people just how the money is used.

You can read all about it here in their Annual Report.

I bought 6 books and 1 4-CD package from the site. I thought if I'm going to donate let me get something out of it too. Postage and packing was FREE.

I wonder if Joyce has a book on how to stop cursing like a sailor?

This 'giving' feels pretty good. Therefore I know I was doing it for the right reasons and not to look good to anybody or God for that matter.

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  1. I've been a partner with Joyce Meyer Ministries for alittle over 4 years now and giving has truly blessed my life!


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