18 Feb 2009

Please Do Not Apply

I'm a no nonsense 29 year old, very sure of herself woman.

I have a mouth, a mind and an opinion and am not afraid to voice it, nor do I care who feels somewhat bothered by me expressing what I have to say.

If you are easily intimidated by that, please do not apply.

I make good money and so far in all of my relationships I've earned the most. It's never been an issue, nor has it even been rubbed in the faces of my exes, I would never sink that low and do that.

If this somewhat bothers you that I make good money and am always looking to expand on that and make more, please do not apply.

I have male friends and will continue to have male friends. I've never had a problem with men I've been involved with having female friends [unless it's been a case of them invading my territory to try and take my place]. At the onset of a relationship a whole gender is not going to be eliminated from my circle. I am loyal and very faithful.

If my strictly platonic association with members of the opposite sex makes you feel insecure, please do not apply.

I can't stand blatant liars and I definitely cannot tolerate cheats.

If you have a problem with lying profusely and cheating whilst in committed relationships, you can do that with another woman, but not this one, so please do not apply.

I consider myself a strong and VERY independent woman, but in the same breath I know how to let a man be a man and will treat him as such if he is worthy.

If a weak woman is what you are looking for, please do not apply.

I do not place my mobile phone in front of me staring at it all evening in the hopes of you calling. I don't need to be pandered to, I'm very busy and have things to do of my own. Don't give me the schpiel of not calling when you say you will or you don't know how to return e-mails after say two weeks.

If you are a timewaster, please do not apply.

I like to wear short dresses and high-heeled shoes when I go out at times.

If the thought of your woman showing a lot of leg and wearing a tight dress bothers the hell out of you, please do not apply.

On the subject of clothing. I'm not changing this outfit. If you don't like it on me well come back on a day when you like my attire. It's staying on. You can go home. I have no time to be dressing a man. He can wear what he wants. As will I. The hair is staying the same as is the make-up.

If you have a problem with me not wearing what you want, the way my hair is styled or my make-up, please do not apply.

I enjoy a few days at a time by myself away from you, chilling, reading, just enjoying my space. It doesn't mean I've gone off you or am seeing someone else.

If you have a problem with me having free time and not being all up under your armpit, then please do not apply.

Please do not ask me for permission to go away with your friends, watch the game, go to the game, the bar or the pub.
When I want to do the same with my girls you better be sure I won't be asking for permission from you.

If you have to check in with me or ask permission to do x, y and z, please do not apply.


  1. That was worth the wait!!

    That was FANTASTIC!! lol

    Love it...x

    And in all honesty, that sounds like one seriously healthy relationship to me...x

  2. Thanks Hay :)

    Anyone that thinks these men who are worthy of applying don't exsist, need to think again!


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