9 Feb 2009

Valentine's Day - Here We Go Again!

Valentine's Day is just plain bollocks to me. I thought it was bollocks when I was with my ex and I still think it's bollocks as a single woman.
I am so glad this year it falls on a Saturday so I don't
have to endure my tube journey home with all these smiling fools aka women standing there with the many hundreds carrying a bouquet of flowers acting like they are indeed special.

Oh my goodness. How original. What? You mean to tell me your man bought you flowers as a surprise? And what was that? He's taking you out to dinner too? Wow you must be special.

No you're not sweethearts. You're really not.

A lot of men feel they have to buy/do something for you whiny bunch of women on this day because they'll be in the doghouse if they don't. On all the other 364+ days on the Tube where are the bouquet carrying women?

Why you need a day to remind your asses to be romantic and treat your partner, I don't know. Why women get all happy they've received flowers at work like all of the other women have, I don't know either.

If you date me, I have a rule about February 14th. Do not buy me a damn thing. Please I beg you do not! I will not even be upset about it, I never have been. Like I did with my ex I had to explain to him that any gift or surprise had to be from the heart because HE WANTED TO, not because every dickhead was running around doing the typical chocolates, flowers, cards and dinner deal. I loved it when I came home on a random day in April and he was cooking dinner...just because. Or came over to my house, let himself in and I woke up to him standing at the end of the bed with a bunch of flowers on a Sunday morning.

And that's how it should be. Notice how many years on I still remember that, even though my ex is now a proud father and shacked up with a long-term girlfriend of his own to now spoil. I wasn't expecting it, and the fact that he went out of his way on a day when it wasn't Valentine's Day made it even the more special. I loved that. I'm not impressed by people who follow the masses with this Christmas and Valentine's Day lark. I'm sorry it takes a lot more than flowers, chocolates on the supposedly romantic day of the year to get me going.

When you're with the one you love, everyday [minus the days of not speaking due to arguments] should be the genuine Valentine's Day.
So my girlfriends should know by now I am NOT the one to be calling when you want to get all gushy about what your man did as a surprise for you next Saturday. When he's pulling out the stops on March 23rd or August 15th just because, then call me and boast about it, I'd be more than willing to listen to you gush about a real man and his idea of romancing his woman...just because.
What will I be doing this Valentine's Day. I volunteered to have my cousin Ronni for the weekend so my aunt and her boyfriend can get all festive. **Rolls eyes** We will be cuddling up with Ted and her new teddy bear Poppy under the blanket watching Iron-Man and pigging out on Jamaican take-away. It's just another Saturday to me with the one I've always loved!


  1. I'm so with you on this one!!!And am I glad its a Saturday!!!Planned to go to the movies since on this Saturday, and if I see couples acting like its the most romantic time of their love-lives I'm chucking water @ them!!

  2. The Whole concept of Valentine's was cute in grade school and High school but now is merely just another commercial nightmare where a lot of wimpy men rush to the store at the last minute to pick some generic tennis bracelet (here in the U.S) or some diamond necklace along with Chocolates and Flowers that many of these women can barely appreciate or take care of. I remember buying some ppl flowers that end up wilting in like 2 days because they didnt really care for the flowers it all had to do with bragging rights at the job about who got the better package and as soon as they get it home it goes in to some corner till it wilts away. I have participated in the past when i was younger but in my adulthood really wasnt a big fan of going to those Restaurants to book reservations for some lame valentine menu.
    I am not saying i will never celebrate it again but will definitely appreciate a partner who doesnt give a damn about the stupid day.

  3. Amen (though people like you guys don't actually live on my planet)

  4. @John Boy, which planet is that Mars?

    @ TJ, "but will definitely appreciate a partner who doesnt give a damn about the stupid day."

    LMAO @ 'the stupid day'

  5. I cant stand valentines, never have. But the worst thing is when people go on about it.

    I hate to be a scrouge, but stop asking me. Im single, and im stayin home, end of story.

    *blows out*

    I go with Andre 3000's line.. it should be everyday in that case.x

  6. "I hate to be a scrouge, but stop asking me. Im single, and im stayin home, end of story."

    Damn and I thought I was Militant!!! LMAO!!


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