18 Mar 2009

Birthday Dinner #3 - IS BACK ON!

No no no.

I have not lost my damn mind. I have not reneged and re-booked the Lobster Pot. I am NOT a FOOL!!

However next Saturday is the weekend I have my little cousin Ronni. We are going to see Monsters V Aliens in 3D and I did say Nandos after the cinema, but Nandos really doesn't get me going on the excitement scale.

Why should celebrating the whole of my year for my 30th have to stop because I'm not talking to **rolls eyes**? Shoot I'll take my favourite girl out to dinner. She loves food, is well mannered and has no problems in restaurants surrounded by grown folks.

Hmmm let me see what Toptable offers are on close by.

And yes my black ass will STILL be going to Vegas in June!!

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