18 Mar 2009

Body Odour & Your Ethnic Background

Hengish Cooper was Twittering away with regard to someone who has a BO problem. I asked my co-workers "if you smelt would you want me to say something about it?" They said yes.

Well y'all know me, LondonDiva will talk about things most people wouldn't, or do behind closed doors

My co-worker who is white said Eastern Europeans smell really bad

I said "Musty like."

He replied "Yeah."

Me: "Well to be honest some white people do smell musty. I've noticed different smells for different ethnic groups."

I went through my small list
Whites smell musty when dry, like wet dog when wet
Blacks like soup
Indians like curry

Yeah, yeah, yeah some people may be offended. Who cares. If you smell like curry, must or soup. Guess what? You smell like curry, must or soup.

I have been on the bus and smelt black folks before I've seen them, so pungent I'm gagging to the point of breathing out constantly. THAT.IS.NOT.AN.APHRODISIAC.IN.LONDON!


I'm not saying EVERYONE smells like soup, must, or curry, some folks have no pungent BO at all. But when that BO hits OH MY DAMN you can fit that stench into pretty much one of those three categories.

And trust I am NOT being biased, I have smelt some Jamaican men smell of soup AND must combined. And no they were not mixed race!

Also with the curry smell please tell me how you can smell of curry like it's a bottles EDP fragrance. We Jamaicans use Indian curry powders in our cooking, I've never smelt any fellow Jamaican smell of curry goat and rice, ackee and saltfish, yam and green banana. So why do a lot of Asians smell of Garam Masala?

I know we are in a global recession, but soap costs around £0.50 a bar, and that's for NAME BRAND Dove if you can't stretch to shower gel.

And not every smelly person has a medical issue to cause them to smell, the same way every fat person doesn't have an thyroid condition.


  1. I agree every ethnicity has its own odor/scent (Yeah i left out the U cos sometimes i am american and sometimes not). Its very obvious when you go pick up relatives from the airport of run into immigrants from other countries and i guess it does make a lot of sense when they say "You are what you Eat" There have been times when you pick up friends or relatives straight from the motherland and you are like dayum... What did you run into lol.


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