11 Mar 2009

Cedric The Entertainer in London

Oh my goodness where is my head at? Excuse me guys…I like to give y'all the heads up about pretty much everything. Let me be brief I'm on the work tip today.
Cedric The Entertainer is in town June 20th 2009 at the Hammersmith Apollo.

I heard it on Choice FM on Sunday [If I wasn't in my sister's car I'd never know as I don't listen to Choice FM] So when I got home booked my ticket and nabbed a seat 3 rows from the front.

Not sure about ticket availability but wanted to give you guys a heads up. You can order your tickets on Ticketmaster.

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  1. I hope they have tickets when i get back from India.

    If only we had the MJ payout...
    I dont care if im in the last row, i am going to this show!

    thnx for tipping us.


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