11 Mar 2009

Yes Creole in DC....!!!


I'm in my lane luv, that's why I'm on my site and done with hers and her cheering squad. Can't stand it step off!!

C'mon y'all flock and tek a raas claat peek, Mi nah business.


  1. I'm still trying to figure out why in the world you mad cuz Kelly is doing Kelly? I REALLY don't understand why in the world you did all this on your blog where you're supposed to be doing all of you, all the time how YOU want to do you JUST AS SHE IS ON HER BLOG!

    I have never seen you cut up like this and I'm really shocked cuz it just doesn't seem like you at all. You act like Kelly was messing with your man or taking money out of your pocket or something. I don't get it. Really I don't. After reading all of what you had to say in that almost 10 page long rant it's like she's your mortally sworn enemy and I was shocked at all get out that it was going down like that.

    I mean hey...maybe I just never "knew" you even as I thought I kinda "knew" OF you always in the most positive of lights but the LondonDiva I thought I "knew" wouldn't have spent that much energy on someone they OBVIOUSLY didn't care for. The LondonDiva I thought I "knew" is above letting someone see them sweat as much as that post seems to insinuate you sweat Kelly. Doesn't seem that she's done you anything and pretty much stays in her lane and doesn't mess with anyone at all.



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