12 Mar 2009

And This Is The Very Reason I Started This Blog!

My lovely friend Hayley asked me to not let it spoil my day. The MJ ticket 'drama'. **See below**

I told her I'm over it now! Which I am. [Thanks for your concern Hay]

I started this blog because everything I saw that annoyed me I wanted to speak about it, whether it be that dumbass girl I see on the train wearing her night time headscarf thinking it's cute, to the way women and men interact [or don't] with one another. I also love to recommend things [and help out people] when I can, so thought why not jump on the blogville bandwagon.

Some people have therapists, others [me] have a blog. I get it out and off my chest. I don't care how controversial or demure it may be. This is MY haven to say MY piece any which way I feel, curse words [without fear of being banned from a forum] n all. I hate being restricted! Maybe that's why I spend less time there now.

I can scream, shout, holler, and be grateful, thankful and blessed whenever the mood takes me.

I'm over it, because I have it out of my system. So don't worry Hay, once it's on here I've gotten it out and feel much better. When I check it, and more importantly myself. Stress levels are extremely low bordering non-existent. I don't care about the repercussions, I say how I feel, whenever I want and whoever wants to get vex, can do just that get vex…I go home with NO worries NONE at all. And if I do, I pray for it to be turned over to God and ask for some peace and solitude. I never let it get to the point of consuming me that I can't eat, makes me ill or can't sleep.

I didn't expect readers. I didn't even expect a following. But I do and I'm grateful. Some may agree with me, others don't *shrugs* you're entitled to that. This was just for me to publicly vent, help, recommend and assist [and still is].

So if people want to tell me at some point to "get over it" [not referring to you Hay]…chances are as soon as I hit that submit button…I already have.

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  1. I admire you in so many ways Nai.

    I love that you are you and that you dont allow others to change that. I think you should be able to write and say what you like. If you dont like it, then dont read it... simple.

    Personally thou, i wish everyone read your blog, coz i think its brilliant. You cover so many diff topics and u really are helpful!

    I cant get over the tattoo removal blog, i was just lookin at the pics etc. Wow. I hope it works out, its good that u found an alternative to laser treatment.

    Shes a hustler baby!


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