19 Mar 2009

She's Not Even Dead Yet!

I mean what in the world?

Yes we know Jade Goody is literally hanging in there hour by hour, but OK Magazine in my eyes have severely taken the living piss.

A tribute magazine 1981-2009 emblazoned on the front page already when she hasn't even passed yet. There is no way Jade will make it to April let alone 2010, but c'mon now are they trying to hurry her along into the afterlife so they can make some serious money with this issue?

If I saw this in WH SMith I would have seriously thought she had passed and somehow missed it in the news.

*Check the issue number of the magazine as well.....creepy!!


  1. They were talking about this on the news on Tuesday nite and I thought how insensitive especially the (1981 - 2009), I mean yes they paid her BUT dang they seem so impatient as if wanting her gone!! I was disgusted by it all!!
    That Issue number...damn...

  2. wow, when i saw the mag online, i thot she dies..... these mags take d full piss. and she allowed this????


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