2 Mar 2009

Thoughts Of The Day

  • Mondays don't have to be bad. I changed my Facebook status to 'rather than moan about it being MonDAY, look at it that you're blessed to live & see another DAY!' It's all well and good to moan about the weekend being over, but if you're blessed enough, another one will soon be here. I mean look at it this way after hearing about Jade Goody having to be admitted to hospital to have a stomach operation to make her dying days [from cancer] more bearable, does it really seem that bad? She hasn't got many more Mondays left.
  • I had a lovely time at the ballet on Saturday. However I was pissed off to see a lot of people wearing jeans. That to me was disgusting. You're paying about £100 for a seat at the Royal Ballet performance of Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House. Mrs H said "it's not like they didn't know how to dress for the occasion. The word 'Royal' is in there twice." Although no royals are present, the venue and the production says it all in how you are supposed to dress for an occasion. Some people should really feel shame. I would have thought it was one event where 90% of the people got it right. I even saw a man in a hooded sweater and jeans. **Shakes head**
  • Why is this man chewing this gum like it's some tasty 3 course meal. The noise has got to stop.
  • How sweet of my co-worker to leave me a packet of Walker's Fish & Chips flavoured crisps on my desk this morning.
  • I saw Ronni yesterday. My goodness that child is growing up fast. I only saw her two weeks ago.
  • I was proud of myself this weekend, I didn't procrastinate as much and actually got a fair bit done. Let's hope I can keep this up.
  • I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'll finally get to meet fellow blogger Shona Vixen for bowling and karaoke. I've got a party later in the evening and then London Fashion Weekend on the Sunday.
  • Let's hope I can get another Bracher Emden bag to add to the one I bought a few months back in September. I'm not going to go crazy this time. I ended up purchasing about 5 leather handbags.
  • I feel really good today.
  • I'm laughing at the e-mails back and forth between me and my co-worker about the gum chewer. She's just as pissed off as I am.
  • Oh just as I type this...gum goes in the bin. Thank you Jesus!
  • I'm still on the Joyce Meyer tip. I could listen to her forever.
  • Why is everyone now all of a sudden on the Blackberry tip? When I got my first Blackberry back in 2005 [I'm on model #3 now] everybody was mocking me. Now they have one they are swooning over it and all that it can do.
  • April 4th Blackberry #4 and time for my upgrade from T-Mobile. I'm actually very surprised at my family and friends that don't make use of the fact they can upgrade every 11 months. I upgrade on the day. You don't have to tell me twice.
  • I hope people don't think I'm going to be some kind of Blackberry customer services. I'll show you a few things, other than that read the manual or go online and check. JUST LIKE I DID.
  • I told Mrs H if she's that opposed to Facebook and it's terms and conditions and policies with regard to the way they use information, then she shouldn't bother with the Internet at all. I really wish people would research what the news tells them rather than take everything said at face value. Once you're online your business is never 'private' with any company. I think she must think Facebook is the devil or something. It's not that serious! Geez!
  • Great, now gum chewer is on the sandwich. Anyone have a bible present?
  • Right It's time for me to go out to the post office. I can't stomach watching this man eat in front of me right about now.

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  1. jeans at the ballet? do people think thats cool or what? hiss....
    ur co worker sure likes to chew his gum, i think u should say something to him.... have a great week


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