12 Mar 2009

**KMT** - Kissing My Teeth!!

Remember I told you guys about the Michael Jackson tickets yesterday?

Right, well if you don't know here's the bullet point version for ya.
  • Michael Jackson announced 10 shows in London @ The O2.
  • Pre-Sale tickets went on sale yesterday @ 7am.
  • 2 million people tried yesterday to purchase tickets. 2 MILLION!!! Each show has a 23,000 capacity.
  • In order to get Pre-Sale tickets you had to register online.
  • I registered, and passed on the URL to folks I know.
  • Pre-Sale codes were given out [think of it like a lottery]. Not everyone got one.
  • I got a Pre-Sale code. If you didn't have one you couldn't purchase tickets.
  • My co-worker didn't get a code.
  • My intention was to buy 4 tickets and sell them ALL [donating a portion to charity]. I have no intention of going to the concert.
  • I tried at 7am no luck. I go to work tried a little after 9am got 4 tickets.
  • She wanted to go, so I said OK if I get 4 you can have 2 [at face value]. *Dumb fuck LondonDiva*
  • You have 5 minutes to decide whether you want the tickets once they are allocated on Ticketmaster.
  • Co-worker is fine with the seat location [upper level tier 4] the highest level in the venue.
  • Money is exchanged she has her 2 I have my 2.
  • Fast forward to this morning she's not happy with her seat location, will sell those 2 and try and get General Release tickets tomorrow.

OK here's why I'm pissed. My sister tried 3 times over x amount of hours yesterday trying to get tickets. She had seat allocations 3 TIMES and was booted out EVERYTIME!! I tried for her today and can't get any. My other friend Hayley was trying HARD to get tickets yesterday [she eventually got some after a few hours on her Pre-Sale code].

Then I hear she's selling the two she got on my Pre-Sale code [you were allowed a max of 4 tickets per person]. **HEAD TILT TO THE SIDE AND FUNNY DOG NOISE THAT IF TRANSLATED IN ENGLISH WOULD SAY "HUH??"** I was thinking hell no. So you're gonna look to profit on tickets which were my intention to do so anyway on my code or could have sold them to my sister? I offered to get them on my code because...well....she didn't have one.

Moral of the story....next time get 4 fucking tickets and give 2 to my sister for her and her boyfriend. I could have used my Pre-Sale code for someone else that's content where they're sitting. BE GRATEFUL I took some mercy on you yearning to go and used 2 out of my 4 spots. There was 5 minutes to say no. 5 minutes yeah!!

"It's like saying thanks for getting me 2 tickets on your code, I'm now gonna sell em on and make some change, even though I know that was your original intention from when the shows were announced."

Sorry y'all, if the role was reversed I personally wouldn't have sold on the tickets having been given the opportunity to get some on their code. Especially when they didn't have to.

No one talk to me today I am NOT in the mood, especially now my sister and her boyfriend have to contend with how many millions from around the world clogging up that blasted website tomorrow. My sister's cool with it. But from my point of view...NAH!!!

I'll keep trying on my sister's Pre-Sale code though...


  1. Dam Nai. Id be pissed too, really sorry, thats not cool at all.


  2. Nope it's not. She just e-mailed me about a friend who maybe interested in purchasin my pair for £350.

    NOPE! Each of those tickets on that date in the upper tier are selling around £270-299 EACH!!!

    I wanted to make around £200 clear profit, as the whole greed element of thousands aren't in my eyes like those fools on ebay, I can sell each at the lower £299 on one ticket exchange website. It's my aim to get in, get out profit wise.


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