11 May 2009

Anna Jarvis Needs An Ass Whoopin!

Well she can't get an ass whoopin, cause she died in 1948. But she is the force behind Mother's Day. Yep that's the woman behind my disdain for this fool fool day. And she ain't cute either.

I didn't post a damn thing on Twitter or Facebook for a whole day, but after reading through my tweets....pure praising of mothers going on.

So what, your mother can't be praised, taken out to lunch/dinner any other damn day of the year? Shoot if I was a mother I'd feel bloody insulted if my husband/kids took me out on Mother's Day. That is not special, that's following every body else doing the same exact thing. BE ORIGINAL DAGNABBIT!! And why do folks have to talk about what they did as well? OK so you phoned your mother. I phone mine about 5 times a day from 9am right through to 1:30am. What do you want? A cookie? That does not deserve part of your 140 character Twitter limit worth of bragging. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO CALL YOUR MOTHER. And don't tell me none of this bullcrap about it's about recognising and celebrating your mother or grandmother, a special day just for them. It is not. You can make any day special for anyone that you love, because you want to.

I'm getting it put in a pre-nup of a list of days that are NOT to be celebrated and that is one of them when I get married.

NO Mother's Day
NO Valentine's Day
NO Christmas Day

I'd like a spontaneous gift, card or surprise dinner date on any of the other 362 days of the year thank you, which aren't prefaced with a bullshit 'Happy' or have been created by some off key Caucasian who was somewhat lacking love or adoration so decided to create a day just to feel special.

It's OK...I'm done...Until Christmas I'll be ranting again. You mark my words.


  1. So how do you feel about your bday???

  2. Oh birthday's are fine, that definitely gets a pass!!!


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